The Left and the Media just Spent a Whole Week Calling All Republicans Racists

One of the ugliest trends in the wake of last weekend’s horrible Charlottesville attack, was the effort of the media and their leftist friends to paint all Trump supporters (and the vast majority of Republicans) as racists.

The data, of course, proves otherwise – with a tiny minority of Americans embracing racist ideology. In fact, the entire alt-right, white nationalist, white supremacists movements combined only accounts for several tens of thousands of supporters (far less that half of 1% of Americans). Yet, the fact that the alt-right/white supremacist coalition makes up the tiniest of minorities, the media spent the entire week pretending that the bulk of the GOP must somehow buy into their philosophies… I mean, how else could we explain their support of President Trump?

It’s ridiculous.

On Sunday, GOP strategist Alex Castellanos unloaded on ABC’s This Week for the media’s abhorrent treatment of right-leaning Americans.

Resentful dependency. Resentful dependency is when you have no choice — gee, I’ve got to stick with the cable company, they’re the only one. Boy, they treat me lousy and I’m really frustrated and I hate it.

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Trump supporters have to stick with Donald Trump because the Democrats have not changed. It’s still Nancy Pelosi who’s the alternative?


A limp Republican Party that’s indistinguishable from Democrats.

Trump is their only finger in the dike stopping Washington from flooding them and overpowering them. So they stick with their president.

But on a different here, what I think a lot of Trump supporters heard this week was the Democrats are just painting us, Trump supporters, with a Nazi brush. We’re all white supremacists. That’s their excuse for why they lost the election.


White working class America, death rates among white men, they’re up 20 percent. They’re unemployed. Gwen Ifill said no wonder they’re resentful.

And the Democrats, as opposed to looking in the mirror and saying the Washington establishment failed white working America, no, they’re painting us all as Nazis. That’s why we voted for Trump…

Also on Sunday, pundit Mark Steyn appeared on Fox & Friends and made a similar argument. Bemoaning the fact that the left (with the media’s approval) continues to label anyone who doesn’t support the Democrat Party a racist, a white supremacist, or a Nazi.

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