At Least 30 Dead in Muslim Terrorist Attack on Hospital

While many were sleeping here in the U.S., a horrible terrorist attack was being carried out in a hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan half a world away.

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Early Wednesday morning, a group of Muslim terrorists walked into a hospital in Kabul and brought terror down on the heads of the innocent people gathered there. At least 30 people were killed, and more than 50 were wounded during a 6-hour siege at the biggest, and best equipped hospital in Afghanistan.

A suicide bomber set off an explosion at the south gate to the Sardar Mohammed Daud Khan hospital before three gunmen entered the building and made their way to the second and third floors, said Sediq Sediqqi, Afghan Interior Ministry spokesman.
The gunmen killed and wounded doctors and hospital employees and injured Afghan soldiers, according to an Afghan Defense Ministry statement.

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The Taliban were the most likely culprits of the attack, but their leaders quickly denied having anything to do with the attack. However, the local ISIS affiliate in Afghanistan was all to happy to take responsibility for the attack though American news agencies have been unable to verify their claim.

Afghanistan’s Chief Executive Officer condemned the attack and vowed revenge for his people.

And the U.S. Embassy’s official statement said that there was “no possible justification” for an attack on a hospital where society’s most vulnerable are being ministered to.

This is already the 4th major attack of 2017 in Kabul. The Taliban laid claim to the first three which killed at least 36 people and wounded more than 70 others… if you’re keeping count that means that over the last 2+ months almost 70 innocent people have been slaughtered by Muslim terrorists in Kabul and more than 125 others have been wounded.

Sadly, it’s not just Afghanistan that is dealing with the scourge of Islamic violence. CNN has a heartbreaking story exploring the plight of Egypt’s ever-shrinking Christian population on their site today and it is a “must read.” More than 500 Egyptian Christians have fled halfway across the country to get government protection because ISIS was hunting and slaughtering them as if they were cattle.

“At the beginning, we thought it was like any other threat. They would kill one family and then it would calm down,” Magdy, a 64-year-old retired engineer, told CNN in Ismailia. The community got used to attacks six or seven months apart.
“Suddenly, it horrifically intensified. It looked like vengeance. They didn’t just shoot people, but they would shoot and slaughter them or shoot and burn them.”

Make sure to read the whole story, and remember, even as we bicker and fight about political issues here in America… our world is on fire. An inferno is raging across the Muslim world and if we are not careful it will engulf us all. Islamic terrorism is wreaking havoc and we would do well not to forget it.

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