Leaks Prove Hillary is Willing to Risk American Lives for Muslim Refugees!

Whattaya Know!  Hillary Clinton is Just as “racist” as the rest of us.

According to a private speech, the contents for which were released by  WikiLeaks, behind the public rhetoric Hillary Clinton has similar positions to Donald Trump.  Hillary showed concern that “jihadists” might enter other countries with “legitimate refugees” because of a lack of comprehensive vetting (gee now where have we heard that before).

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What makes that concern hypocritical is Hillary Clinton wants to accept some 65,000 Syrian refugees every year and has discounted any concern about vetting processes. Can’t blame her for a lack of concern, after all if she is elected (God Forbid) she gets round the clock secret service protection.

So I think you’re right to have gone to the places that you visited because there’s a discussion going on now across the region to try to see where there might be common ground to deal with the threat posed by extremism, and particularly with Syria, which has everyone quite worried, Jordan because it’s on their border and they have hundreds of thousands of refugees and they can’t possibly vet all those refugees,” she said at a 2013 private speech before the Jewish United Fund Of Metropolitan Chicago.

“So they don’t know if, you know, jihadists are coming in along with legitimate refugees. Turkey for the same reason.”

Even though she’s talking about the Middle East, the same principle applies here. She has no problem accepting in our country 65,000 Syrian refugees – whom she admits might be mixed in with jihadists…


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