Could The Leaks Be Flowing From U.S. Intelligence Agencies?

The election and presidency of Donald Trump will go down in history as the first in the era of the leak.

As Trump and democratic foe Hillary Clinton were in a neck-and-neck battle around the electoral map in late 2016, something earthshaking occurred.  The seismic ripple of the Wikileaks disclosures from within the Hillary Clinton campaign shattered any hope that the former First Lady had in taking a true run at the White House, cementing her reputation as a career criminal long before her army of supposed female “locked in” votes could even Google where their polling place was.

Now, the infamy of those leaks aside, President Trump is suffering from yet another round of damaging revelations, this time targeting his administration and, somehow, keeping alive the democratic conspiracy theory surrounding his own campaign for the Oval Office and Vladimir Putin’s Kremlin.  The source of these leaks has been frantically sought the by President, who is reportedly eyeing a massive, sweeping shakeup up his entire staff.  Now, new reports suggest that, much like that classic horror movie scene, the calls could be coming from inside the house.

“Criminal elements inside U.S. intelligence agencies fueled leaks relating to the Manchester bombing as part of a ‘political war’ against President Trump, says an ex-CIA agent.

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“Matthew Burrows, who served 28 years with the CIA, said the consistent leaking of classified information has reached a fever pitch never before seen in America’s intelligence community.

“’It’s become a blood sport, politically motivated to embarrass him,’ Burrows said Sunday. ‘They want nothing short of impeaching and convicting him and that is part of that.’

 “’This has become a political warfare never seen in Washington before. Even in Nixon’s darkest days, the intelligence agencies remained loyal.’

“Britain temporarily suspended its sharing of intelligence concerning the Manchester terror attack following a slew of leaked intel – including information about the terrorist Salman Abedi, the death toll, and pictures of the crime scene – to U.S. news outlets like the New York Times.”

Were this to be true, there is the possibility that the frequency of these latest leaks is a covert response to Trump’s sudden firing of the incompetent James Comey, former head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  While Comey’s unacceptable handling of the Hillary Clinton private email server case was the cited reason for his termination, liberals have pounced on the opportunity to add the incident to their ever expanding Russian interference conspiracy.

Many on the left believe, with no evidence, that Comey was told to take a hike based on his purported investigation into ties between Trump and Putin.  While, once again, there has been no evidence to suggest that any of the Russian conspiracy theories have a grain of truth to them, this hasn’t stopped the desperate democrats from invoking the red-cloaked ultimate villain of the 1980’s, preying upon the pre-millennial generation’s vague, second recollection of the Cold War to frighten them into supporting the liberal cause.

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