Leaked Transcripts of Trump Calls with Mexico, Australia Hit Press

There is serious sabotage at hand inside the Trump White House, with information leaks deluging The Donald’s agenda.

In this new age of digital information as currency, the 2016 presidential election served as a harbinger of sorts, providing Americans with a glimpse of what technology can provide the voters of our nation.  As Hillary Clinton’s campaign was rocked by a number of revelations regarding her ever-corrupt dealings within the DNC, We The People were able to make an informed and intelligent choice regarding our next Commander in Chief.

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Now, as Trump has been at the nation’s helm for over 6 months, he too has become the victim of nefarious narcs within his own administration, with deeply held administration information becoming public knowledge far too frequently.

During Anthony Scaramucci’s scant 10-day stint as White House Communications Director there were two employment changes that many believed would lock down the loose lips.  One such move was to fire Reince Priebus as White House Chief of Staff, with the former RNC chair being replaced eventually by General John F. Kelly.  Kelly would soon fire Scaramucci.

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Now, leaked transcripts of Oval Office phone calls have made it to the mainstream press, reiterating the sad reality that the “resistance” to the President is still alive and well in the West Wing.

“The transcripts were based on records kept by White House notetakers who monitored Trump’s calls. Known as a ‘memorandum of conversation,’ such documents are commonly circulated to White House staff and senior policymakers.

“Both documents obtained by The Post contain notes indicating they were reviewed and classified by retired Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg Jr., who serves as chief of staff on the National Security Council.

“Both calls centered on immigration-related issues with high political stakes for Trump, who built his campaign around vows to erect new barriers — physical and legal — to entry to the United States.”

Trump’s compromise inner circle is a pressing concern for the beleaguered Commander in Chief, who is attempting to make good on his promises to the American people.

In the months following the contentious 2016 election, the democrats and the liberal leaders vowed to “resist” President Trump in any way possible, from the most mundane of maneuvers all the way to possible impeachment.  This has created an atmosphere of total chaos in Washington – a carefully constructed reality being exploited by the enemies of the President.

These leaked transcripts provide yet more evidence that the White House in under siege from within.  These desperate times will likely call for desperate measures, and the democrats and turncoat republicans had better be careful of what they’ve wished for.

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