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LEAKED: Mueller Has List of Trump Inquiries NOT From 2016 Election?!

To anyone with half an ounce of grey matter between their earholes, it has become painfully obvious that Robert Mueller’s investigation into the wild, liberal conspiracy theories surrounding the President has gone completely off the rails.

I suppose that was somewhat expected, given that the impetus of the entire debacle came from Hillary Clinton insinuating a man worth $3.1 billion and who willingly participated on a reality television program was somehow a secret Kremlin double agent hellbent on turning America into the United Soviet States of America-nistan.

In other words, the whole thing made no sense from the start, just like Kim Kardashian being “famous”.

And, also like the aforementioned Kardashian, the liberal Russian conspiracy theories surrounding the President have become patently absurd.

Still makes more sense than the Mueller investigation.
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Now, news out of Washington D.C. this week will have even the most staunch liberal wonder just what in the heck is happening over in Mueller-ville, with the Special Counsel apparently working up a list of the President’s actions while in office…not during the election itself, which was the predetermined scope of the entire nonsensical narrative.

Special counsel Robert Mueller is drafting a report about President Donald Trump’s actions in office as part of his ongoing investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election, The Washington Post reported on Tuesday.

Mueller met with Trump’s lawyers in early March to request an interview with the president, saying he needed to ask questions in order to finalize aspects of his investigation, including his determination of whether Trump obstructed justice. Such information would be gathered into a report that would then be sent to officials at the Justice Department.

However, two sources familiar with the conversation said Mueller told the lawyers Trump was not a criminal target at this point.

“They’ve said they want to write a report on this — to answer the public’s questions — and they need the president’s interview as the last step,” one of the sources told the Post.

Over the course of Robert Mueller’s fishing expedition, we have been witness to a number of moments of exoneration for the President, including a doozy last week when it was announced that Donald Trump was not a criminal target in the investigation.

This came just weeks after the GOP concluded their own investigation into the Ruski hullabaloo, determining, without question, that there was no evidence of collusion between then-Candidate Trump and the Kremlin.

Mueller’s bizarre tactics have been called into question in the past as well, with a number of concerns over the ever-widening scope of the probe being galvanized by the Special Counsel’s desperate charging of men like Paul Manafort with weak and unsustainable process crimes…something that experts believe could be a tactic utilized to instill fear in the Trump administration.

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