Are Lawyers About To Take Over Trump’s Twitter?

Donald Trump is an unconventional President is many ways, and his propensity for taking to social media at the drop of the hat is certainly high on the list of reasons why.

It’s the sort of thing that separates a Washington outsider from the elitist career politicians who slink around corners in Capitol hallways.  The measure and poise of a well-polished 144 character message that was undoubtedly crafted by a team of writers, written in perfect legalese, with no single character molesting to the eye or ear just screams “These thoughts were sanitized to softly ring true with everyone!”.

In other, less gracious terms:  It’s usually steer excrement.

Donald Trump, however, was much different.  Given his proficient and poignant messages to his followers before becoming President, he gave himself the grandfather clause and continued to thumb-type away from his perch in the Oval Office.  Or on Air Force One.  Or in the Lincoln Bedroom.  Let’s face it, the man is tweeting machine, for better or for worse.

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His opponents in the mainstream media love it.  Celebrities such as Stephen Colbert and John Oliver are practically making entire careers out of examining and dissecting Trump’s every tweet.  Not to mention, as the President educates himself, pivots, or bends on some issues, there is some intern in both television hosts’ offices tasked with finding the antitheses deep in the Twittersphere.

Now, however, it seems like Trump may have his favorite outlet taken away, or, at the very least, moderated.

“The White House is considering whether to appoint a legal team to police President Trump’s tweets, it was revealed on Friday.

“The administration could have lawyers scrutinize Trump infamous social media posts as numerous investigations have been launched into White House officials, according to The Wall Street Journal.

“The lawyer’s goal would be to avoid potential pitfalls from the president’s verbose volleys on Twitter.”

While surely the President has bucked tradition in his use of the unmitigated tweet, one can certainly understand where the administration is coming from.

One thing is for sure, though:  If Trump’s twitter is tamed by the Washington elite’s need for rigid homogeny among their ranks, a little piece of the magic inherent in the Trump administration may disappear altogether.  Having unfettered access to the unfettered opinions of the leader of the free world has been quite the experience so far.  Let’s hope it doesn’t have to end so soon.

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