Lawsuit Challenges Chicago’s Discriminatory Pro-Abortion Law

Have you ever noticed that most liberals or far left-wingers claim they want equality under the law and then turn around and pass laws that are very one-sided and unequal?

For example, look at many of the ‘hate language’ laws they pass. Most hate language laws are passed by liberals for the purpose of silencing their critics. In some parts of the world and some cities in the US, preaching the Bible is being considered to be hate language. Ministers have been arrested for preaching what the Bible says about homosexuality being an abominable sin. Yet, homosexuals are free to criticize others, especially Christians. In many places in America, a teacher can be fired for just questioning the science behind evolution without saying anything about creation or God. Just questioning the liberal paradigm is enough to set them howling and foaming at the mouth as happened in Dearborn, Michigan.

Dearborn hosted an Arab Festival a couple of years ago.  Four Christian missionaries tried to minister to the Muslims outside the festival, but were arrested by local police for doing so.  A Christian minister was also arrested outside the same festival for handing out tracts.  All of them brought suit against the City of Dearborn for violating their First Amendment rights of freedom of speech and religion and won their cases against the city.

But evidently, Dearborn officials have not given up in their crusade to silence Christians in their town.

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In the latest episode, Dearborn city officials are trying to use a subversive method of silencing Christians.  A local pastor and his associates filed an application with the Dearborn Police Department, seeking permission to assemble outside the largest mosque in all of North America to speak out against Sharia law.  Before approving the application, city officials had one slight stipulation in that they wanted the pastor and his associates to give up all of their rights if anything happened.

Many of the pro-abortion laws in the US are also very one-sided and discriminatory. Many communities have passed so-called bubble zone and protected space laws involving abortion clinics. Chicago passed such a law in 2009 and now it’s being legally challenged by the Thomas More Society.

The Chicago law creates an 8-foot protective bubble around any woman approaching within 50 feet of an abortion clinic for the purpose of having an abortion to murder her unborn child. The 8-foot protective bubble only applies to pro-life counselors or anyone who attempts to talk the woman out of murdering her baby. Any other person, including abortion clinic employees or anyone who is supportive of infanticide is not held to the constraints of the 8-foot bubble zone.

One would think that such a law is a violation of anyone’s First Amendment right to free speech. Per the bubble zone law, all pro-lifers must be silent if they are within 50-feet of an abortion clinic and within 8-feet of any pregnant woman approaching the clinic. No one else is forced to remain silent, just pro-lifers.

The contradictory nature of the law has been rather confusing for Chicago police who are asked to enforce the ordinance. Consequently, the Thomas More Society has filed a lawsuit against the city of Chicago, claiming the lawsuit is discriminatory.

Thomas Olp, an attorney with the Thomas More Society told OneNewsNow:

“Within 50 feet of that entrance that bubble zone appears, and a pro-life counselor cannot knowingly, without permission, enter into that eight-foot bubble.”

“Over the course of seven years there have been many instances in which the police have misinterpreted the law. We believe that the law is applied only to pro-life counselors and not to the escorts that are often times there at the abortion clinics to try to get between the pro-life counselors and the clients of the abortion clinic.”

Hopefully, the lawsuit will show just how confusing and discriminatory the Chicago ordinance is and result in it being struck down as a violation of the First Amendment rights of pro-lifers.

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