Lawsuit Alleges Google’s Discrimination Against WHITE MEN?!

The weaponization of political correctness has become an increasingly volatile piece of the American experience in the 21st century, and the nation is just now beginning to push back against the oppressive progressive practice.

We have the liberal left to thank for this unkempt and nonsensical aggression as well, thanks to their own need to segregate the nation for political gain.  The democrats have had an incredibly difficult time creating a mass appeal for themselves, therefore, they need to endear themselves to smaller and smaller groups of fringe Americans in order to maintain relevancy.

And you thought all of that leftist support for the transgender movement was about equality?  Absolutely not.  The left is merely looking to cash in on the votes of those Americans.  Remember, the conservatives of our nation are the folks constantly displaying a reverence for The Constitution that declares that “all men are created equal”.  The left is merely attempting to confuse “equality” with “equity” in the minds of the millennials who they rely on for votes.

This political correctness jihad has been going on for decades in America, with the left increasing their vitriolic agitation at fairly predictable intervals.  Combined with their equity-over-equality program, this has led to a cultural downgrading of straight, white men, who are not seen as “diverse” enough for a place in the left’s modern world.  Hiring and admissions standards have been built around this leftist ruse, leading to many caucasian men feeling the effects of this reverse racism.

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One Google employee has been fighting for his people for months, and is now suing the tech giant for discrimination based on this progressive policy of workplace segregation. 

“James Damore, the onetime Google employee who was fired after he wrote a memo criticizing the firm for pushing diversity, has filed a class action lawsuit against the tech giant.

“The suit was filed Monday in Santa Clara Superior Court. Damore is joined in the lawsuit by another former Google engineer, David Gudeman.

“’Damore, Gudeman, and other class members were ostracized, belittled, and punished for their heterodox political views, and for the added sin of their birth circumstances of being Caucasians and/or males,’ the lawsuit alleged. ‘This is the essence of discrimination—Google formed opinions about and then treated Plaintiffs not based on their individual merits, but rather on their membership in groups with assumed characteristics.’

“Damore told Fox Business that Google still engages in ‘harassment and career sabotage of anyone that expresses a conservative viewpoint, and there’s constant shaming and attacks against white men within Silicon Valley.’”

Damore’s fight will not be a popular one for the mainstream media and their leftist audience, who are not prepared to face their own racism in any shape.

The left has been pretending for years that this segregation that they are advocating for is somehow going to fix the nation, with absolutely no examples of success to show for it.  Now, with their practices heading to court, a rude awakening could be on the horizon for Google, and for American leftists.


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