Laura Ingraham Points Out Media have been Talking Impeachment since November

Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity had an interesting conversation on Wednesday evening when the two discussed the media’s war on Donald Trump.

Ingraham pointed out that the media began to run stories about impeachment almost immediately after Donald Trump was elected President.

Laura Ingraham: I was — while I was listening to you, I did a few quick cursory searches going back to November, and it was basically within a week of Donald Trump winning the presidency, when everyone was shocked — I’m so glad you played those old clips of the ashen faces of the reporters — that the left began to write about and urge possibilities toward impeachment.

This is something they had in mind ever since they got hit with a two-by- four on election night. And they will continue to work fast and furious toward this goal of not only resisting the Trump agenda, but they hope to humiliate him, destroy him, and then destroy along with him the conservative populist agenda that he ran on that, you know, obviously, stood for strong borders, no amnesty, getting rid of those bad trade deals, less of a — you know, a global policeman role for the United States.

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A lot of people are really threatened by that agenda. So I’m so glad you raise that. That’s a — that’s something we should talk about here because no serious person thinks that Donald Trump obstructed justice in a conversation with Comey because if he did, Comey thought he did, Comey would have reported it, as is his legal duty, as you pointed out in your monologue. That’s Comey’s legal duty to do. He didn’t. And the investigation was not obstructed. So That’s all preposterous.

Under Article 2, the president has a duty and a right to oversee the FBI, and you know, they properly delegate the law enforcement to the FBI and try to insulate it from politics. But that’s not to curb the president’s Article 2 authority over the FBI. So if he wants to meet with the FBI and give his opinion or even talk about his hopes, if indeed, he said that, he has every right to do so.

Later Ingraham pointed out that the usually liberal Washington Post has shifted even further left since the newspaper was purchased by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos.

Laura Ingraham: I’ve got to say, Sean, remember when Donald Trump talked about the Bezos media, Jeff Bezos, committed liberal, when he bought The Washington Post, we all expected The Post, which is already pretty left-wing, to move even further left. And now it’s just an extension of the DNC. For the most part, and The New York Times might be a little better, and they have some good reporters at both places. I’m not trying to besmirch the reputation of all reporters.

But on some of this stuff, it is so irresponsibly reported, and taking so many anonymous sources with literally no accountability, and it seems like an axe to grind. There never is any question of the motivations of these leakers. And they — over at The New York Times, Sean, they’re willing to go with a story about a memo they haven’t even seen! Who’s talking about those journalistic elements?

Finally, Ingraham tore into the faction on the left (and even in the GOP) who continue to call for impeachment of the President even though they don’t have any evidence of a crime.

Laura Ingraham: There’s a level — I’m going to be really — not crude, not crude, but not so nice here. It is a level of stupidity and defensiveness that you never see the Democrats acting defensive. They all stay together and they all defend their people and their positions. But Republicans are the first ones to turn tail and run when any — when a New York Times reporter comes a’knocking. It’s really reprehensible

It was Ingraham and Hannity at their best and their arguments, not necessarily in defense of Trump, but in condemnation of the media, really are spot on. 🇺🇸

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