Latest Report on Federal Spending Finds BILLIONS in Wasted Taxpayer Dollars!

This annual compilation used to be published by Sen. Tom Coburn, but with Coburn’s retirement the responsibility has fallen to Lankford.

Lankford’s staff searched inspectors general and Government Accountability Office reports to come up with a total in $247 billion in “waste” from 84 spending and 16 regulations fumbles. Lankford, who serves on the Appropriations and Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs panels, added the snarky photos and rhetoric to mocking the outlandish grants and outdated federal practices.

As Lankford explained:

“This is the way the federal government has dropped the ball, and what we are trying to focus in on, is not trying to pick on one particular agency or entity, but to say we have got to be able to pay attention. We are really dealing with four different main areas as we walk through this; grants that need oversight, regulations and regulators that need oversight, agency bureaucracy and inefficiency, and then a lack of coordination between agencies.

“We are not just trying to raise the problem; we are also trying to raise how you solve it. Whether it is an administration action, whether it is a piece of legislation, whether it is just coordination between the two, or some of those things that have already happened, but we haven’t engaged in it enough to provide the oversight needed to actually get the coordination. Every single one of these identify here is the problem, here is the issue, and here is how to solve it. 

“This is not a comprehensive book; this is not trying to list everything in the federal government where there is an issue. We are trying to find some key areas that we can identify, and say here are some problems we have seen, and some things that we find as common ground solutions. This builds on last year’s book.

“We have got duplication issues. We have got problems that are around federal foreign aid, which has been an ongoing issue that we have made recommendations on. When we deal with foreign aid, we should simply deal with foreign aid that is to the benefit of the United States. We don’t think that is an unreasonable request. Instead, at times, we deal with foreign aid, like studying fish bones in Tanzania.”

Some of the worst  programs (or best depending on your perspective) include…


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