North Korea

Latest North Korean War Game Belies Real Possibility of Imminent Action

The United States is in quite the pickle when it comes to how best to deal with the threat that North Korea poses.

On one hand, the tiny nation is ruled by a madman named Kim Jong Un who has consistently starved his people through his poor diplomatic behavior.  Given that the enormous army North Korea boasts about having is based on the mandatory military service of its citizens, these emaciated soldiers don’t offer much of a threat to U.S. and South Korean forces who would likely be in charge of the removal of the Kim regime.

On the other hand, however, Kim Jong Un is certifiably crazy.

For decades, North Korea has has artillery trained on Seoul, the capital of South Korea, just in case they feel as though the U.S. and her allies are planning to strike.  The widespread bloodshed to the south has been deterrent enough for now.

This week the U.S. announced a bit of a change in its approach, however, with new joint drills involving South Korea that act as a strategic plucking of Kim’s beloved weapons of mass destruction.

“South Korean and U.S. forces conducted a joint training last week for infiltrating North Korea and removing weapons of mass destruction in case of conflict, military sources said.

“The ‘Warrior Strike’ exercise was held at Camp Stanley, located north of Seoul, and other places from Tuesday to Friday, involving hundreds of soldiers from the two sides, they said. “

A precision strike on North Korea has always seemed to be the most favorable option for neutralizing the dainty dictator’s threat to the world at large, and this drill could be signaling an imminent move in that direction.

North Korea has not only continued to threaten the United States with nuclear annihilation over the course of the last year, complete with terrifying successful tests of ICBM’s and hydrogen bombs, but the rogue regime’s use of Nazi style concentration camps has once again been at the forefront of international human rights advocates.  This has led to a dual pronged desire by many to have the United States intercede on behalf of the North Korean people.

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