Latest Liberal Trigger: Harambe (the Gorilla) Jokes are… Wait for It… RACIST!

I have been attempting to write about this story for several hours. I think it’s mostly because there are just so many different angles that I could have taken in reporting on the insanity that just escaped the liberal nuthouse that is the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, but it might also be because… I simply cannot understand why Harambe is still a story?

If you’ve forgotten who Harambe was in the few months since his death, you can remind yourself here. If you’ve got no time for reminders, I’ll give you the quick and dirty update myself. Harambe was a gorilla who lived in the Cincinatti Zoo. A kid fell into Harambe’s enclosure and Harambe then proceeded to drag the kid around like a ragdoll. When Zookeepers realized the danger that the child was in, they chose (correctly) to act first and killed the gorilla before he could do permanent damage to the child. Liberals across the planet freaked out, because it seems that Harambe’s life meant more to them than the child who almost died.

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Since then some witty folks on the Internet have been making hilarious Harambe memes and jokes, brilliantly trolling the silly liberals who value animals above humans.

Now it seems that liberals have finally snapped, having heard one too many Harambe jokes.

At the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, some campus nannies are now warning anyone who will listen that Harambe jokes are derogatory and racist. I kid you not. Sure, Harambe wasn’t even a human, but somehow making jokes about his death… are actually an attack on humans of a certain color.

From Campus Reform:

In the statement, which was leaked to Twitter Monday, Resident Assistants calling themselves Ryan and Colleen inform students that “any negative remarks regarding ‘Harambe’ will be seen as a direct attack to our campus’s African-American community,” and warn them to “be careful of what gets written on your whiteboards, as well as what you write on them.”

Now, in defense of the liberal sots at UMass-Amherst, there is an African Heritage Student Community on campus called “Harambee,” which is the Swahili word for “pulling together.” So there is some concern that the jokes could be designed as an attack on that group of students. But this connection is tenuous at best. Seriously, only an open racist could possibly craft a joke about a dead gorilla in such a way as to offend the African-American community. Harambe is a gorilla, black people are PEOPLE. There is NO connection.

Well, there is one connection.

The one invented by politically correct liberals who see hatred, racism, misogyny, patriarchy, bigotry, bias, and evil lurking around every rhetorical corner.

Don’t let them do it, folks. Liberal have already stolen our money, our liberty, our schools, our pop culture… don’t let them steal our sense of humor too.

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