Latest Liberal Lunacy: Left Celebrates Braless Student, Wants Second Amendment Girl Thrown Out of School

Over the last few weeks I have posted several examples of how sick the liberal mind truly is by revealing basic liberal hypocrisy and lunacy. Many of these examples happened during the same week, but today we got such an example that occurred on the same day.

In one case liberals turned into a hero a girl who wanted to go to high school braless and in a thin shirt with her nipples clearly showing. This girl was the best our schools have to offer, the liberals said. By contrast, on the same day liberals were demonizing a girl who posed for a photo with a pistol (while NOT at school, by the way). This girl, the left said, was a monster who should be thrown out of school.

Typically, when a girl was sexually and inappropriately acting out at school, the liberals rushed to her side to excoriate the school for trying to right her behavior. Yet, when a girl was seen supporting American ideals and advocating that Americans should uphold the U.S. Constitution, liberals attacked her and tried to get her thrown out of school.

The Tale of Hero Nipple Girl

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On Monday, liberals went wild to support Florida high school student Lizzy Martinez who they characterized as a feminist hero for freeing the nip at her school, BuzzFeed excitedly reported.

Last week Martinez wore a thin, long-sleeve Calvin Klein shirt to school but she also decided to go au-naturel underneath and left her bra at home. As she went through her day, she naturally caused a stir with the hormone-driven boys around her. Eventually teachers started getting worried about how the girl was disrupting class.

School officials also noted that she was breaking the school’s dress code by her nipple display through her shirt. Eventually authorities decided to act and they brought the girl into the nurse’s office.

What happened next drove the left right over the edge:

Martinez said that school officials originally told her that her third-period teacher flagged the dress code issue, but later said a student came to the office to report her.

“They had me put on a second shirt and then stand up and, like, move and jump around to see how much my breasts moved,” Martinez told BuzzFeed News. “I was mortified.”

Martinez said she was then taken to the nurse’s office and given four Band-Aids to put over her nipples — two for each breast. She left the office distraught and in tears, she said.

BuzzFeed went on to “report” about how everyone is so “outraged.”

After receiving a call from the school about a “sensitive matter” — and then another call from her outraged daughter — Martinez’s mother, Kari Knop, said she was livid to discover that school officials removed her daughter from class “because a teacher or a boy was uncomfortable or laughing at her.”

And why was everyone so darned outrageously outraged? Cuz of feminism, of course.

“It’s a disgusting example of a double standard and shows how our culture body-shames women. If a boy was staring at her nipples that long why was he not spoken to or punished?” Knop said in an interview with BuzzFeed News. She added that when she met with school officials, Braden River’s principal acknowledged “she didn’t see anything wrong” with Martinez’s attire.

After several meetings that week, Knop said she concluded that school officials unfairly targeted her daughter for attire that was not inappropriate or violated the school’s dress code.

“This whole issue was really eye-opening for me and puts things in perspective because I also have a 13-year-old son and, at that age, they have erections on accident and no one calls them out or sends them home,” she said. “Why is a 17-year-old girl’s breast moving any different? It’s a collection of fat cells.”

Ah, so because boys get erections in school, this girl should be allowed to… cause more of them? Or something?

Anyway, the upshot of this story is that liberals see this girl’s disruption of school as a great thing. Why, she is a feminist hero, dontcha know?

But on the same day when the left found a girl hero, they also found a girl to call a zero.

The Tale of the Evil Gun Girl

Also on Monday, the story broke of University of Tennessee student Brenna Spencer who dared to wear a Donald Trump T-Shirt in a photo where she also posed with a handgun. And liberal heads exploded all across the nation.

Fox News had the story:

A Tennessee college senior is sticking to her guns after posting a graduation photo in which she stares wistfully off-camera while lifting her “Women for Trump” T-shirt to expose a handgun in her waistband.

Despite receiving what she called a surprising “amount of hate” on social media, Brenna Spencer, 22, says she has no regrets.

“I know the Tennessee state gun codes. … I carry everywhere that I’m allowed to carry,” the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga student said in an interview.

On Twitter, where Spencer’s profile states that “political correctness offends me,” she posted the provocative photo with the caption “I don’t take normal college graduation photos…”

Naturally, liberals went off their meds…

One woman, Victoria Silva, alerted the police in an apparent attempt to have Spencer arrested.

@ChattanoogaPD would you like to give us your two cents? Per the thread, this young female is taking a photo w/ a firearm, in an area w/ a posted “no-weapons” policy. This showboating behavior is irresponsible, reckless, & potentially dangerous.

A concerned citizen

In addition, many other liberals said the girl should be suspended from the University of Tennessee because she is a “danger” to the student body. They also attacked her for supporting the Second Amendment and for being a conservative.

The two stories reported on the same day couldn’t be more illustrative. It proves that liberals don’t care about female empowerment and they certainly don’t support American ideals. One girl was held up as a hero for acting out sexually but the other derided and called “dangerous” for supporting the Second Amendment.

The left’s perfidy can’t be more obvious here.

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