Latest Election Polls: Trump Closing in on States he Must Win

Latest election polls looking good for Trump in Pennsylvania and Colorado.

Latest election polls are making a huge shift towards Trump. Pennsylvania has been one of those states that the media has been harping on that Trump must win. At one point in time, politcos were saying if he can’t pull off Pennsylvania he won’t get to the magic number. Those voices have become strangely silent since Trump is closing the gap on Pennsylvania right now. 

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s lead over Republican rival Donald Trump has narrowed to 3 points in the battleground state of Pennsylvania, according to a new poll.

Clinton leads Trump, 44 percent to 41 percent, in the Morning Call/Muhlenberg College poll released late Saturday.

One week ago, Clinton had a 9-point advantage in that poll, 47 percent to 38 percent.

Latest election polls show Colorado being another one of those bell weather states and Trump is competitive.

You are seeing a big shift.  Hillary was way up among white college educated voters in Colorado. Now that isn’t the case. Trump is gaining big time. He’s competitive and has the upper advantage. Trump is not making missteps. He’s hitting Hillary on all the right things. Hillary’s health is in serious question. Trump in the last couple of weeks has made strong moves. He spoke out strongly against the Terrorist attacks in New York City. On the other hand, Hillary was mincing words.  Instead of being cruel about Hillary’s health, he used the media to his advantage.  The Dr. Oz appearance coming clean about his health made the media go nuts. Trump has repeatedly helped cement in the minds of voters of how crooked and unfit for office Hillary is.

Hillary has become predictable while Trump is full of surprises.

There’s a reason over 100 million people are expected to watch the debate. What will Trump do next? Will Trump release his October surprise early? Is there going to be a new scandal revealed through Wikileaks? Hillary will be predictable. The democrat playbook is an open book and people can quote it in their sleep. Trump’s not afraid of anything. In conclusion, the Trump card is lethal to Hillary.

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