The Latest Celebration by Radical Islam Will Make You Sick to Your Stomach

We all know that ISIS is capable of some horribly despicable actions and attitudes, but their latest social media rant will leave many Americans furious.

The grotesque violence of radical Islam has been one of the world’s most vicious plagues in recent years, as the Middle East continues down a path of destruction.  Groups such as ISIS have been dividing, killing, and conquering Arab nations in hopes of radicalizing a new generation of caliphate warriors to unleash hell on anyone not following the strictest of Muslim laws.

In Europe, these vile creatures have found a new place to target Christians and other non-Muslims, by using explosives, cars, knives, and whatever else has become handy.  This maniacal terror spree has been exacerbated by the European Union’s foolish and undeniably dangerous relaxing of border security in the wake of the Syrian refugee crisis; something that has allowed ISIS to spread their religious army throughout the continent.

In America, however, our nation stands behind President Donald Trump, a Commander in Chief whose national security agenda has kept us largely unaffected by these radical Islamic scum.

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Instead of working to attack America, ISIS and others have been forced to the sidelines of U.S. despair, and are now cheering at the natural disasters that are befalling our nation.

“ISIS supporters are celebrating the dangerous hurricanes heading towards the Unites States, claiming ‘Crusaders’ deserve the punishment.

“Interestingly the liberals are also praying for President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida to be destroyed by hurricane Irma. Some liberals were hoping Trump and his family are inside of Mar-a-Lago as the hurricane destroys the place. It is getting harder and harder to tell the difference between the left and ISIS.

“The pro-ISIS Facebook page The Monotheist Page shared the Media Studies Center page, which confirmed that Hurricane Irma will make landfall in the U.S. The caption reads: ‘May Allah drown the enemies of Islam and force them into their knees subdued, and humiliated, defeated, and scattered!’”

This sick and twisted celebratory post is indicative of two things:  ISIS still wants the U.S. to suffer in every way possible, and they have been forced by Trump’s policies to watch from afar.

Furthermore, the similarities between the radical left and radical Islam are a bit more disturbing than previously thought.  Both organizations employ violence to promote their narrow view of the world, both groups hope to see Donald Trump deposed, (or worse), and each of these cretinous cabals specifically want to see parts of Florida annihilated by Hurricane Irma.



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