Is it Too Late to Stop Voter Fraud?

Voter Fraud gets a second wind. The way the courts are going, we are seeing more and more power being removed from the states and being placed in the hands of bureaucrats and un-elected  judges. For too long, we have seen the courts systematically change law and make new law. The latest ruling from the court is a huge judiciary power grab.

Last week, the Fifth Circuit gutted Texas’s voter ID law under the ludicrous notion that it discriminates against minorities. Today, the Fourth Circuit overturned North Carolina’s voter ID law and went a step further than the Fifth Circuit, asserting that the law was “passed with racially discriminatory intent.” In addition, they tossed out state laws limiting early voting, same-day registration, out-of-precinct voting, and preregistration—all Democrat election “innovations” that are fraught with fraud and manifestly against our founding concept of Election Day.

I’m sorry but the idea that somehow electing a president to pick better nominees hasn’t worked.  It’s been tried and it doesn’t work. Think of Reagan’s liberal appointees like Kennedy and O’Connor. Think of George W. Bush’s appointee of John Roberts. How has the  strategy of voting for the nominee who’s going to pick better judges worked out? It hasn’t.  The truth is, many circuit court justices who ruled in favor of gay marriage were appointed by George W.  Bush.  If that’s the best we can do it’s only going to get worst.  If this is the only strategy and option available we are going to see rampant voter fraud.

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What really boggles my mind, is that instead of house Republicans fighting Obama, they decide to let the courts sort it out.  Really? You are going to allow these un-eleted partisan Marxist justices do the wet work for you? Talk about putting the fox in charge of the Hen House. 

The latest ruling in North Carolina is basically giving Democrats everything they want. It’s a recipe for voter Fraud for decades to come.

In N.C. State Conference of the NAACP v. Patrick McCrory, Judges Diana Motz, James Wynn, and Henry Floyd invalidated the laws clamping down on non-traditional methods of voting, while the latter two (over the dissent of Motz) agreed to strike down the revised photo ID law as well. We have reached a point in time when all the circuits have codified the entire Democrat Party racial agenda into the Fourteenth Amendment, Civil Rights Act, and Voting Right Act, to the extent that even the most basic laws protecting the franchise of the entire citizenry are thrown out by the courts. The judges openly said that because these laws would result in less Democrat votes, and because most African-Americans vote Democrat, these laws are discriminatory. This ruling comes just a week after a federal judge in Michigan mandated that the state must offer a box on the ballot for straight-ticket voting denoting the Democratic candidates so African-Americans can identify them. This is insane!

This ruling overturns a 485-page district judge’s opinion, which upheld the state laws with unassailable facts and impressive scholarship. The Left will always find a judge at any level willing to enshrine their policies.

Daniel Horowitz makes the case that we need to get congress involved and start stripping courts of their power. We also need states to start saying no to these un-elected Justices. It’s the only way to stop voter fraud.

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