Late Night Publicity Stunt Goes Horribly Awry as Kimmel Lies About Guns

In Hollywood, everyone needs a niche, and it seems that Jimmy Kimmel has begun to carve his out in earnest over the course of the last few months.

Kimmel, whose career in Tinsel Town began decades ago in a series of unpopular and chauvinistic roles on ultraliberal Comedy Central, soon found himself embroiled in the fame game.  His meteoric rise to stardom came on the heels of a highly publicized sham of a relationship with Sarah Silverman in which American couldn’t decide who was using who in order to bolster their own personal value.

Now, as the host of his own late night talk show, Kimmel has been continuously outshone by his more talented peers.  Kimmel lacks the musical abilities of Jimmy Fallon, the self-deprecating humor of Conan O’Brien, and the piercing dryness of Stephen Colbert.  So, what does Kimmel bring to the table?  Well…nothing, really.  That’s why he has chosen the role of “social justice warrior” in order to keep his “viral” monologues cracking the YouTube front page.

His latest, on gun control, has provided even more evidence that Kimmel likely pulls his subjects directly from the 140 character decree of democratic diva Hillary Clinton’s Twitter account.  Also like Hillary, Kimmel can’t seem to get his facts straight.

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Breitbart outline seven such instances, three of which are detailed below:

Kimmel said, ‘Orlando, Aurora, Newtown, San Bernardino, [in] every one of these shootings the murderer used automatic or semiautomatic rifles.’ The inclusion of the word ‘automatic’ is very misleading. In all four instances the rifle used was semiautomatic, period. Pistols were also present. Moreover, Kimmel did not mention that in three of the four instances, the attackers acquired their guns via background checks. Exceptions to this would be the rifles used in San Bernardino–they were acquired via a friend–but the San Bernardino handguns were acquired via a background check. And the guns used by the Newtown attacker were stolen. He stole them from someone who passed a background check for them.

Kimmel made the classic leftist claim that AR-15s and the like ‘are not weapons used for self-defense.’ In doing so, he ignored the report of the Houston boy who used his father’s AR-15 to defend his sister’s life during a home invasion. When the two intruders broke into the home, the boy grabbed his father’s AR and shot one of them three times. He also ignored the Michigan gas station owner who stopped a robbery in progress at his station by pulling his AR-15 on the robbers. He also ignored the Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, son who was home alone when he used his father’s AR-15 to stop a home invasion by shooting all three suspects. The suspects died but the son’s life was preserved.

He accused President Trump of ‘signing a bill that made it easier for people with severe mental illness to buy guns legally.’ This was a reference to Trump’s repeal of Obama’s Social Security gun ban; a ban that was actually not directed toward people with severe mental illness but toward recipients of disability benefits who required help with finances. Yes, mental health labels were given to these people, but those labels could reference easily treatable and temporary conditions. This is why Duke University psychiatry and behavioral science professor Jeffrey Swanson said Obama’s Social Security gun ban targeted the ‘vulnerable‘ rather than the dangerous.”

This is less than half of the falsehoods being propagated by Kimmel in one monologue alone.

With Jimmy Kimmel and others immediately pushing the gun control debate, literally while families are still attempting to discover the truth about their loved ones, is beyond appalling.  To do so while boldly lying to the entire nation is another sin altogether, but, given Jimmy Kimmel’s obsession with self-promotion, don’t expect any apologies or admissions of wrongdoing anytime soon.

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