Jimmy Kimmel

Late Night Clown’s Ratings Plummet After Social Justice Junket

Americans are no longer willing to allow liberal politics to overwhelm their television time, as evidenced by new ratings data across the platform.

One of the most egregious misuses of the media soapbox has come to us from professional sports, as overpaid athletes in the NFL, (and once in the MLB), take a knee during the National Anthem.  The widespread practice has gained notoriety among football players who witnessed a thoroughly uninteresting Colin Kaepernick transform his career overnight through the offensive and ill-conceived “protest” of “police brutality”.  Suddenly, Kaepernick was a household name, thanks in no small part to ESPN who, at the time, was a sport-centric network.  In the wake of Kaepernick’s un-American kneeling the network has shifted focus, and is now including political discussions throughout its programming lineup.

This has led ESPN into a dark hole of despair as viewers began tuning out en masse.

Now, even late night television’s most hallowed ground isn’t safe, as the formerly tolerable Jimmy Kimmel has eschewed what little sense of humor he once possessed in order to capture the “social justice warrior” marketing niche.  By including serious, politically liberal commentary as a de facto part of his barely-existent schtick, Kimmel has alienated an enormous portion of the late night viewership.

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Kimmel’s rants on gun control and healthcare have been nothing more than YouTube-quality diatribes aimed at insulting American conservatives, and for that, the dancing monkey of ABC has been eviscerated in the ratings.

“This interesting nugget comes from a Salon piece, that granted, was from a day or two before the Las Vegas shooting (see Jimmy Kimmel Doubles Down, Blames YOU for the Las Vegas Shooting). When he was pushing Obamacare. Bear in mind, Jimmy Kimmel had a more evenly mixed audience before going hard politics over the ObamaCare repeal (see Jimmy Kimmel Blasts the Bill Cassidy Health Care Bill).


”But only one host in that poll attracted the same number of Republican and Democratic viewers: ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel. While Stephen Colbert’s audience skewed heavily Democrat (47 percent Democrat to 17 percent Republican), Kimmel fans were evenly split among the two major parties (34 percent Democrat to 33 percent Republican).’

“‘In this, Kimmel may have also alienated some of his conservative viewers in the process. President Trump’s supporters enjoy mocking liberal safe spaces, but when a public person ridicules or critiques the current commander in chief, they often cry foul and boycott the messenger. Their flight may have already begun. “Jimmy Kimmel Live” had 2.04 million viewers last week during the heart of his health care fight, a 5 percent drop from his average. For the show’s future, it’s more than appreciable.'”

Kimmel, who has long been without unique hosting capabilities, may have finally found a marketing plan that works, if he can somehow convince the cord-cutting millennials that are currently avoiding cable contracts to alter their lifestyle to appease him.

There is little hope for Kimmel to somehow accomplish that titanic feat of reversal in time to save his own skin.  Should the “comedian” continue to transform his brand into the late night “safe space” for  triggered millennials, we can expect to find a new late night host for ABC in the coming months.



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