Las Vegas Upping Security After Credible ISIS Threat For Memorial Day Weekend

With Ramadan beginning, and the Manchester Arena bombing fresh in the collective memory, ISIS looks bound and determined to hit the Vegas strip next.

Of course, these jihadists are not heading into the desert oasis for any of the glitz and glamor that Las Vegas has to offer to her Memorial Day Weekend visitors.  According to new intelligence being displayed by the Department of Homeland Security, ISIS is planning on bringing their brand of radical Islamic wrath to the revelers in Sin City.

“A legitimate Islamic State group propaganda video posted on social media last week features brief footage of the Las Vegas Strip while calling for lone-wolf terrorist attacks, and Las Vegas police are treating it as a credible threat.

“The video is about 44 minutes long, which is unusual because Islamic State group propaganda videos are often much shorter, according to a representative with SITE Intelligence Group, a nongovernmental counterterrorism organization.

“The video featuring the Las Vegas Strip was posted last Wednesday on Telegram, a cloud-based instant messaging service, the representative said. It showcases the Islamic State group’s newly developed weapons, and its final scene has a series of shots, including the Las Vegas Strip and New York’s Times Square, while a narrator calls for general lone-wolf attacks in America, Europe and Russia.”

ISIS has been regrettably effective in recent months, with bombing in Russia, France, Germany, and England.

Their attack in Manchester, England was a particularly disturbing display of what the organization has become.  By targeting concert goers at an Ariana Grande concert, the radical Islamic terror group was, in many ways, targeting the bits and pieces of western culture that they find religiously abhorrent.  Short skirts.  Bare midriffs.  Female empowerment.  What’s worse yet is that concert goers were, on average, quite young.

Las Vegas’ own glamour could be construed as a similar type of Western arrogance to these vile and reprehensible monsters, prompting their repudiation.

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