Las Vegas Prepares For Legal Pot Sales Just In Time for Holiday Weekend

As the nation continues its path toward the legalization of marijuana, one of America’s most iconic cities is bracing for one wild weekend.

Las Vegas, Nevada, also correctly termed “Sin City” by those unfortunate enough to have been bitten by the lusty locale, is just the latest bastion of common sense legislation as it pertains to the marijuana plant, with recreational legalization going into effect for the entire state on July 1st.  As a multitude of tourists flock to the city over the Independence Day weekend, slots and strip clubs won’t be the only unique experience available to holiday revelers.

“Fueled by one of the world’s largest tourism industries, Nevada is preparing to do the same on July 1. A May report published by Gov. Brian Sandoval’s task force on marijuana estimates that up to 63 percent of recreational buyers will be tourists.

“’Everything we know shows that millennials are very pro-marijuana, and that’s the new marketing push,’ said Nevada state Sen. Tick Segerblom, a longtime marijuana advocate. ‘This is a game-changer for Las Vegas and tourism here as far as I’m concerned.’

“’Amsterdam on steroids,’ he added.

“Essence Medical Dispensary owner Armen Yemenidjian is one of 37 Las Vegas Valley applicants to receive an early start license to begin recreational sales on Saturday. His dispensary is the closest to the Strip — right on Las Vegas Boulevard north of Sahara Avenue, the dividing line between the Strip and downtown Las Vegas.

“Yemenidjian, whose other dispensary on Tropicana Avenue near Jones Boulevard also received an early start license, said his facilities stocked up on more than three months worth of marijuana flower, edibles and concentrates to serve the current medical market and keep pace with expected brisk recreational sales.”

Nevada is merely the latest U.S. state to embrace the benefits of recreational marijuana sales – an incredible boon to states like Colorado and Oregon, who have increased their tax revenues by leaps and bounds in the wake of legalized recreational use.

While the nation maintains some political stalwarts who believe that marijuana should be classified alongside cocaine and heroin in the “war of drugs”, an increasing number of studies and political testimonials have opened the eyes of even the most staunch Reagan-era naysayers.  The medicinal uses for cannabinoids alone, particularly for children with epileptic conditions, have been astonishingly effective.

Marijuana has also been linked to a drop in the abuse of prescription painkillers, and thusly heroin, thanks to it’s effects on dopamine receptors in the brain.  While much of the nation is still in the grips of an unfathomable and gruesome opioid overdose epidemic due to the abuse of doctor-prescribed painkillers, states with legalized marijuana are making enormous strides in reducing those numbers.


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