Las Vegas Once Again on High Alert as ISIS Preps New Attack Plans

Americans are still waiting for answers regarding the October 1st massacre in Las Vegas, Nevada that claimed the lives of over 50 concert goers, injuring over 500 more.

According to authorities so far, a retired, multimillionaire gambler named Stephen Paddock loaded his 32nd floor suite at Mandalay Bay resort with nearly two dozen high powered rifles and thousands of rounds of ammunition in the days preceding opening fire on an enormous crowd of country music fans across the street.  Local and federal authorities have been completely mum on the case for weeks, refusing to release any information to an increasingly infuriated public.

Now, without any answers in the nearly two month old mystery, Las Vegas is once again in the crosshairs as ISIS releases their latest piece of radical Islamic propaganda.

“The Islamic State is promoting a forthcoming sequel to its most infamous movie that threatened America at the beginning of the caliphate, with the new trailer showing fire raining down on several U.S. cities before America is engulfed in a fireball.

“ISIS’ official al-Hayat Media Foundation didn’t give a release date for “Flames of War II: Until the Final Hour,” but distributed the trailer extensively across many open media platforms including YouTube and Google Drive.

“ISIS appeared to be referring to the San Bernardino Christmas party attack in 2015, the 2015 attempted attack at a ‘Draw Muhammad’ event in Garland, Texas, the 2016 Orlando nightclub attack, this Halloween’s Manhattan bike path attack, and the Las Vegas mass shooting at the beginning of October. The terror group continues to claim gunman Stephen Paddock as their own Abu Abdul Bar al-Amriki, yet have not released evidence to back up the claim; authorities have maintained they have discovered no terrorist links as a motive remains elusive).”

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Sin City has been reeling ever since the Stephen Paddock incident months ago, with plans to possibly limit vehicle traffic on the iconic downtown strip in order to avoid Euro-style ISIS car ramming attacks.

By targeting Americans in tourist destinations such as New York City and Las Vegas, ISIS is sending a clear message:  You are not safe when you are relaxing.

This is the very ethos of terrorism, and ISIS knows it.  Their proclaimed targets now include The Vatican and Las Vegas, two diametrically opposed places whose only similarity is the spectacle of their very existence.  For The Vatican, ISIS is simply employing its religious perversion and jihad.  In Vegas, however, they are seeking something more psychological, poking America directly on top of a still-healing bruise.

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