After Las Vegas: We should Come Together Not Tear Apart

Fox News’ Brit Hume made an interesting and powerful argument that defended President Trump’s response to the horror in Las Vegas.

Hume argued that in the aftermath of such a terrible event the nation needed to come together, not rip itself apart.

And I for one, think he’s right.

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The danger of a hideous atrocity like this is it might further deepen the divisions of a country already badly divided –riven by political divisions– and the president [in his statement on the shooting] was at pains to do nothing to contribute to that outcome. 

He is not a man known for being particularly soothing, but his remarks today were about as soothing as they could be, and he did not go to battle stations, as so many others seemed to do, on whatever issue: Guns, or any of the rest of it.

But he seemed to me to try rather tap into the uniting sentiment that people seem to feel… I think that is what we would have hoped for from him. 🇺🇸

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