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Las Vegas Authorities Remain Silent on Paddock Case Despite Outcry

Back on October 1st, the worst mass shooting in American history took place in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Stephen Paddock, a retired multimillionaire gambler and real estate investor allegedly opened fire from his 32nd floor suite at the Mandalay Bay Hotel, killing nearly 60 concert goers and injuring well over 500 more.

Given the incredibly disturbing event occurring in such a secure place, (a Las Vegas Casino), and the inordinate amount of eyewitnesses to the tragedy, Americans believed wholeheartedly that they would have at least some answers regarding the rampage within days or maybe weeks of the incident.  Yet, here we are well over 2 months removed from the horrific mass shooting with little idea whatsoever about what truly caused Paddock to commit the abhorrent acts that he did.

“More than two months have passed since 58 country music fans were gunned down in the Las Vegas massacre, and survivors as well as victims’ families are still searching for some semblance of closure.

“Authorities have largely gone silent on the case — refusing to answer the many lingering questions except for a couple of local TV interviews. But one pressing query may get some answers Thursday when a probate judge could decide the future of gunman Stephen Paddock’s finances.
“Media outlets including CNN are also fighting in court for the release of public records, like body camera footage and 911 calls.
“Law enforcement wants them held back until its official report is complete, but they won’t say when that may come. The lack of information has made it hard for some survivors to heal mentally and emotionally.”
Given the enormous nature of the case, Stephen Paddock almost immediately became the center of a number of bizarre conspiracy theories that have yet to be squashed by any official release of information by authorities.
Incidents such as this week’s NYC bombing haven’t helped citizen confidence either.  Within hours of that event, the public was provided with a name and motive for the perpetrator, along with a video of the incident and an in depth look at their social media profiles.  In the case of Paddock, we are staring into the abyss.  There are no videos of Paddock anywhere in the casino or hotel, nor has any security footage from the surrounding establishments been released either.

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