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Las Vegas Authorities FINALLY Release Partial Footage of Paddock

For months, the internet has been clamoring for answers in the case of the most vile mass shooting in American history.

In September of 2017, a retired, multi-millionaire named Stephen Paddock checked into a 32nd floor suite at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.  This wasn’t out of the ordinary for Paddock, who was a consummate gambler with a proclivity for video poker.

What was odd was that Paddock was not accompanied by his girlfriend Marilou Daniels on this trip.  Also, Paddock seemed to have a whole lot of luggage.  A whole lot of heavy luggage, to be exact.

Then, on the fateful night of October 1st, Paddock allegedly broke out several windows in his luxury suite and opened fire on an enormous crowd below, who were gathered for a country music festival.  The largely conservative crowd, targeted for still unknown reasons, panicked.  Before Paddock was incapacitated, over 50 were dead and more than 500 more injured.

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The details surrounding the incident have been ripe for conspiracy, with the active minds over at Reddit beginning to believe that Paddock was an illegal arms dealer and that the entire massacre may have been carried out by clients of the clandestine businessman after having offed Paddock themselves.

Oddly enough, that first bit turned out to be likely true.

Stephen Paddock was a weapons dealer, does this mean 4Chan Anon was right?

This was only one, smaller piece of what the world was beginning to believe was a widespread conspiracy.  Furthermore, the internet sleuths at Reddit and beyond were soon asking why on earth we have been shown zero evidence of Paddock’s time in Las Vegas, despite the enormity of the city’s surveillance state.

In a stunning new development, Las Vegas authorities are now releasing at least a partial record of Paddock’s time in Sin City, complete with video footage of the illegal arms dealer laughing, smiling, and gambling in the days before his atrocity.

Sometimes we see him as other hotel guests would have seen him: as the tall gambler intent on the video poker machine across the casino floor, or as the customer standing in line in front of you at the gift shop, buying snacks, or as the guy you briefly glance at as he waits for you to get off the elevator — polite, unhurried, unmemorable.

Sometimes we see him as the employees would have seen him, as the casually dressed V.I.P. with the many suitcases who jokes with bellhops, chats with valets and gives out tips along with handshakes. And sometimes we see him as only the surveillance cameras saw him — riding the elevator alone.

The video compilation can be seen below:

The terrifying reality of this footage is stark:  Paddock acts no differently in the hours leading up to his massacre than he would during any other trip to Las Vegas.  This is either the calm of a dedicated evil residing within the 64 year old, or fodder for future questions as to the events of the October 1st massacre.

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