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Larry Elder’s Epic Takedown of the Media and Anti-Gun Pundit David Hogg

Anti-gun Parkland kid David Hogg is being allowed an extended 15 minutes in the spotlight despite his spiral into idiocy.

Of course, the only reason for this is because the media agrees with his hate-based attacks on the Constitution and conservatives, especially Fox News Host Laura Ingraham. But conservative radio talk show host Larry Elder delivered the perfect blow to left’s Hogg wild, anti-American campaign.

Last week, Fox New host Laura Ingraham posted a mostly innocuous tweet lightly backhanding anti-gun punk David Hogg, one of the teens who survived the Valentine’s Day shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida.

Ingraham is know for a sharp tongue that she commonly uses to skewer liberals, but in the case of Hogg her tweet was fairly low key. Ingraham laughed that David Hogg was rejected by a list of colleges and slammed him for whining about it.

In reply, Hogg hyperbolically went after Ingraham’s livlihood publishing a list of advertisers that air ads during Ingraham’s Fox News show, The Ingraham Angle.

Over the next few days Ingraham’s advertisers began to abandon her for daring to “attack a child.” So, she quickly apologized for slapping the anti-gun punk. in yet another tweet.

Naturally, David Hogg refused to accept Ingraham’s apology and took to Twitter to urge his mind-numbed acolytes to keep the pressure on her:

The next day Ingraham announced that she was taking a vacation. Make of that what you will.

Of course, Hogg is playing both sides of the street by telling America that he is mature enough and smart enough to guide America’s political policies, but when someone stands up against him, he exclaims that he is “only a kid” and should be immune from any attacks.

The media has aided Hogg with his calumnies and lies, of course. After all, the old media establishment is 100 percent in his corner on this anti-American business.

While everyone in the left-wing media is falling all over themselves to worship at the Hogg altar, not everyone has been supportive. And nationally syndicated radio host Larry Elder struck back against the left with a perfect series of tweets proving the left-wing media’s hypocrisy.

Elder started with a tweet slamming the media for attacking conservative women: “Sarah Palin is a c—t.’ Sarah Palin is a ‘dumb tw—.’ Sarah Palin and Michele bachmann are ‘two bimbos.’ — @billmaher. How many Time-Warner advertisers were targeted? NONE. But @IngrahamAngle’s ‘a bully’?!?”

Elder then slammed some of the liberals who commonly slice and dice conservatives:

“@IngrahamAngle ridiculed anti-gun activist @davidhogg111,” he tweeted. “Hogg said he was rejected by 4 schools. Ingraham joked about it. Hogg called her ‘bully.’ AND SPONSORS BAILED! ARE YOU KIDDING? Do they not watch @maddow, @HardballChris, @Lawrence & the rabid GOP/Trump-haters on @MSNBC?”

Elder went on to slam hatemonger and racist Al Sharpton for attacking Ingraham:

“If the Jews want to get it on, tell them to pin their yarmulkes back and come over to my house.’ — @TheRevAl, 1991, @MSNBC host, inciting the ‘Crown Heights Riot.’ … Q: If @lauragingrahamangle is a ‘bully,’ what is … SHARPTON?!? #DoubleStandards,” he wrote.

Then Elder pointed out the different treatment given to CNN’s laughable commentator Don Lemon and The Blaze’s Glenn Beck when they each called the president of the United States a racist.

“The president [@realDonaldTrump] of the United States is racist.’ — @donlemon,” Elder said. “CRICKETS … Recall the firestorm when @glennbeck called President Obama ‘racist.’ colorofchange.org/campaigns/vic…’ #DoubleStandards.”

In that last tweet, the link Elder included takes fans to a blog post from the far left-wing site Color of Change that was headlined, “Forcing The Glenn Beck Show Off Fox News.” That piece starts out with this paragraph: “In 2009, Color of Change forced Glenn Beck off cable television, holding his advertisers and Fox News accountable for his dangerous drumbeat of racist misinformation. It’s one thing when some random person online tries to stoke racial fear and division. It’s completely different when a news commentator does it on national TV, building a following with the backing of major corporations as advertisers.”

So, center right commentators can be hounded off the air for calling a president a racist yet liberals just gain more plaudits when they do the same thing.

Elder added another tweet outlining what Lemon did this year: “But, per @davidhogg111, @IngrahamAngle is ‘a bully’ whose advertisers should be targeted?!? Did Lemon lose any advertisers for pronouncing President Trump ‘RACIST’?!? #DoubleStandards.”

The hypocrisy and double standards of the left is writ large there, for sure.

Elder then went after late night “comedian” and virulent Trump hater Stephen Colbert by reminding fans of one of the CBS host’s comments: “‘The only thing your mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin’s c—k holster.’ — @Stephen Colbert, @StephenAtHome, referring to @realDonald Trump. How many @CBS advertisers were targeted? How many dumped his show? ZIP & ZIP! But, per @davidhogg111, @ingrahamAngle is ‘a bully’?”

If speaking so vulgarly was the crime the left makes it out to be, why wasn’t Colbert taken off the air?

We know why.

Elder’s tweetstorm made a clear and logical case to prove the media’s lies, double standards, and hypocrisy.

But there is an underlying danger to the left-wing media’s perfidy. As the Washington Times’ Cheryl K. Chimley noted:

It’s only a matter of time before today’s targeting of conservative voices by minor-age members of the “Never Again MSD” — Marjory Stoneman Douglas — gun control group, to which Hogg belongs, turns to tomorrow’s backlash against the left.

Those on the ideological right aren’t going to stand back and sit quietly forever.

Indeed, the constant hatred that liberals show for half the nation — and most of “flyover country” — can only bring dangerous times ahead. Eventually the estrangement our two political side are developing at the behest of the left must spill over into political violence. This level of extreme and negative emotion will have to have an outlet somewhere more virulent than the ballot box.

This is a terrible end to what liberals are doing to this country, but, unfortunately, it is the logical end that will result if liberals continue to spew their daily vomit of hate against the right.

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