Lance Armstrong Facing a New Cancer

Editorial credit: Marc Pagani Photography / Shutterstock, Inc.

Federal judge Christopher Cooper decided on Monday that the federal government could continue its 100 million dollar lawsuit against former cyclist Lance Armstrong.

Now I’m not for one minute going to tell you that what Armstrong did was okay by any means. Cheating is cheating and I don’t care if everybody else was doing it that doesn’t make it right. My parents actually taught me that. There seems to be lots of professional athletes whose parents must have skipped  that particular lecture.

But of course the federal government is not suing all of them. The courts would be tied up for decades. They are suing Armstrong because they were his sponsors via the United States Postal Service. Here’s the kicker: they “only” gave him 32.3 million dollars. Judge Judy will tell you every day of the week that ain’t  right. Of course, they’re saying they deserve punitive damages. I wonder if they are taking into account all of the money that they made because of their sponsorship. I doubt it.

The other thing I’m curious about is how in the world it cost 32 million dollars to sponsor a bicycle racer. Surely helmets, some spandex and a bike can’t cost that much even in France. No wonder the cost of stamps went up. Apparently we were paying for bicycle shorts that were sewn together with pure gold.

I think what’s even shadier than doping is when you have a government official decide that it’s okay for his bosses to sue you. Yeah that deck isn’t stacked at all is it.

I wonder how many lawsuits are pending against Wall Street and big banking that cost us billions when the housing bubble burst? I mean if you put it into perspective it’s like if Wal-Mart sued the snot out of a kid who stole a $0.25 pack of gum but didn’t  go after some warehouse worker that stole thousands of dollars worth of TVs off the trucks he was suppose to be unloading.

The American Injustice system in all of its glory is truly a cancer in need of treatment.

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