NSFW: Rapper Threatens to Kill Donald Trump Over This [VIDEO]

Louisiana rapper Maine Muzik threatened to murder presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump over — food stamps.

A recent video posted to YouTube, is laced with expletive language and Muzik claiming he will “go to war with Donald Trump because Donald Trump is trying to take food stamps away from my mamma and that’s all the f*** she’s got.”

He adds:

“As long as the motherf***ing government let us keep food stamps…we gonna be good but the first time this n**** pass a law talking about the Louisiana Purchase, s*** is going to get ugly. I swear to God on every motherf***ing chain I got, b****ez gonna go down.

“You gotta understand them (inaudible) love Fruit Loops. They love that s*** so if you take that s*** n**** it’s coming with the madness and a n**** ain’t gonna play about that. Y’all take Donald Trump and let him know it’s up over here. We gonna declare war.”


The Daily Wire’s Aaron Bandler notes:

The video was uploaded the same week as Muzik and fellow rapper T.E.C. received a visit from the police after they posted a video to Instagram showing them parading around guns that they claimed were AK-47’s and pledging to “go to war.”

Muzik’s video is reflective of the welfare mentality that has infected the culture, as nearly 50 million Americans are on food stamps and many treat it “as a cradle-to-grave entitlement.”

Trump himself has previously expressed support for applying welfare-to-work rules to food stamps and other welfare programs, although it’s not something he has staked his 2016 campaign on. However, he did use food stamps as a bludgeon against a heckler in November.

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