L.A. Goes Fully Liberal, Declares Public Schools as “Sanctuaries”

California has been at odds with the rest of the United States for years, and now that Donald Trump is in office, they are ratcheting up their leftist nonsense to an obscene degree.

The Bear Republic has long been at the forefront of liberal dissent in America, constantly working to undermine any progress in the nation during times in which a conservative politician is sleeping in the Lincoln bedroom.  California has truly been the embarrassing child throwing a temper tantrum in the center of the grocery store aisle, stomping and stammering over some pedantic and bratty instance that has no true bearing on the rest of his household.

One of California’s latest tactics of “resistance” to the Trump agenda, has been the implementation of the leftist New Fascism on the campus of UC Berkeley…a violent movement that has limited free speech at the college by allowing students to run amok, rioting, and committing arson whenever a conservative viewpoint is allowed to be shared on campus.

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In the weeks after the election of Donald Trump, California even began to contemplate secession from the United States.

Now, the latest move from the ultraliberal west coast defectors comes in the form of a new designation at all Los Angeles public schools.

“The Los Angeles Unified school board on Tuesday unanimously passed a resolution aimed at making LAUSD campuses safer for immigrant students and their families who might face deportation or detainment by ICE agents.

“The resolution, proposed by board members Monica Garcia and Ref Rodriguez, comes shortly after the arrest of Romulo Avelica-Gonzalez, an undocumented immigrant who was detained by U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement agents as he took his daughter to school on Feb. 28 in Highland Park.

“The resolution before the board Tuesday was framed as a reaffirmation of a 2016 measure the board passed, which designated any LAUSD campus as a ‘safe place’ for immigrants and their families. But the new resolution goes further.”

This unwarranted refusal by America’s left to enforce the laws of the land is a disturbing indicator of how liberals have grown to be so out of control.  Only in a fringe portion of society in which legal status is completely ignored, or, at best, subject to individual interpretation, can occurrences such as those at UC Berkeley be considered acceptable.  What is truly happening is a rewriting of the nation’s rules of engagement, based solely on the whims of the left.

Only in California can such a blatant disregard for the law, and for the will of We The People, be considered commonplace.

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