Kremlin Goes After White House in Incendiary Statement, Threatens War


Russia and the United States have been butting heads for some time regarding the Kremlin’s involvement in the Syrian civil war, and now over Donald Trump’s 59-missile battering of Sharyat airfield.

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The airfield, which was targeted after it was determined to be the origin of a monstrous chemical weapons attack against Syrian civilians, found itself on the receiving end of Trump’s wrath this week.  As doubts continue to swirl about the complicity of Russia in the attack, and the heinous coverup in which a hospital was bombed, the White House has seemingly been put on notice by the leadership in Moscow.

“The Kremlin has warned the US it is ‘one step from war’ over Syria – but the Trump administration hit back by saying it would be prepared to carry out airstrikes again.

“In the first direct American raid on Bashar al Assad’s forces, President Trump authorised the firing of 59 cruise missiles at a military airfield.

“Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev denounced the US for attacking ‘the legitimate government of Syria’ and for allegedly breaking international law without the approval of the UN.

“Mr Medvedev said: ‘This military action is a clear indication of the US president’s extreme dependency on the views of the Washington establishment, the one that the new president strongly criticised in his inauguration speech.’

“‘Soon after his victory, I noted that everything would depend on how soon Trump’s election promises would be broken by the existing power machine. It took only two and a half months.'”

This ramping up of rhetoric between the two nations has immediately drawn concerns over the possibility of this second cold war transforming into something more serious during Trump’s fledgling presidency.  Should Russia continue to push these stern messages across the desk in the Oval Office, you can safely bet that the U.S. President will not sit idly by.

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