KREMLIN CONFAB? Putin Invites POTUS for Pow-Wow in Moscow

While the liberal left continues to rage against the Nothingburger-laden menu at Chéz Mueller’s steakhouse, the President is working toward a healthy relationship with one of the world’s most prominent nuclear superpowers.

Of course, for some reason, this completely and utterly irks the democrats, who were far more fond of the Obama method:  Leave ISIS alone and allow Russia to attempt massive bouts of interference in the American elections.

Because, let’s face it, if Obama and Hillary truly were aware of the actions that they accuse Russia of, they certainly did nothing to prevent it or stop it.  In fact, through the use of spies such as Stephan Halper, the democratic cabal seemed far more interested in documenting the nuisance than dissuading it, all for the simple fact that they believed they could parlay their covert mission into an insurance policy against a Trump presidency.

Spoiler alert:  Nope.

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Now, as Donald Trump has stated that he won’t bring Putin to Washington until Mueller and his cronies wrap up their “witch hunt”, the Russian President has made POTUS an offer of his own.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday invited President Trump to Moscow.

Putin said he was returning the favor given by Trump, who invited the Russian president to the White House during the pair’s summit in Helsinki 11 days ago.

“I am ready to go to Washington,” Putin told reporters after a summit in Johannesburg, South Africa.

But Putin’s reaction to Trump’s invitation was initially lukewarm. He did not immediately accept, partly because the Putin-Trump summit was badly received in the U.S., with members of both political parties criticizing Trump.

We can almost hear the steam whistling out of Nancy Pelosi’s ears all the way down here in the great State of Georgia.

Whatever reason the liberal left has for disparaging diplomacy needs to be revealed, immediately.  Otherwise, we can only assume that they are hoping for a disastrous end to the Trump presidency, and they are cozying up to those who would do us harm in order to achieve that.

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