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Do You Know The Four Boxes of Liberty? You Should!

Liberty.  True freedom.  The concepts seem simple, in that you’re either free or you’re not free, right?  Well, thanks to a constant drip of liberal drivel, there is some serious doubt about what constitutes freedom in America these days.

The current situation regarding the Second Amendment is a perfect example.  On the left, we have the frothing democrats, whose cringeworthy lack of dignity has them climbing over one another to get a piece of well-spoken high school kids who aren’t yet a month removed from the most traumatic experience they will likely ever face in their lifetimes.  This isn’t the equivalent of a stranger asking you, three weeks after the funeral, if you’re feeling better about your grandmother passing away.  These are elected democratic lawmakers and media magnates who are poking, prodding, lighting, makeup-ing, and coaching children who are only 3 weeks out from being shot at by a madman in a place that was supposed to be safe.

It is this scavenger-like perseverance that has created the absurd confusion we have about the Second Amendment in America today, and this is a purposeful act of vagary by the democratic left who are looking to disarm the populace.

In order to ensure that our nation remains on the correct path, in the Second Amendment fight or any other issue of true liberty, there are four boxes that we must remember, in order, so as to not ever be conquered and enslaved.

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The Soap Box.

The Ballot Box.

The Jury Box.

The Ammo Box.

When we look at the corruption inherent in our government today, which box do we need to fix the problem?  We all understand the power of Free Speech, as represented by our first box, The Soap Box.  Whether it be on Twitter, to your family, in a sermon, or on paper, your voice must not be tamed by these who would mistake your silence for complacency.  When it comes to exercising this right, do so boisterously, bluntly, and ferociously.  Exhaust all options of speech before moving on.

Should you fail to convince your obstacle to liberty to remove itself from the virtuous path, you then move on to The Ballot Box.  Here, you and those who have heard or read your voice band together to say “enough is enough”.  This is where you get to tell your elected officials “you’re fired”.

If the corruption continues beyond the scope of electable governance, then it is time to bring in Los Federales.  The Marshalls.  The Long Arm of the law.  You make these obstacles to liberty obey your will.  You throw the book at them, and let them know that they have chosen the wrong path in this life, and, unless immediately repentant to your satisfaction, they will be punished.

Should these obstacles to liberty escape your jury, either through direct action or via economic means, there is but one box left to use.  And that’s the box that the left wants to take away the most.

So, in order to remind these progressive pigs that we won’t be shouted over, voted around, cheated of justice, or oppressed, may we suggest the Keep and Bear “Four Boxes of Liberty T-shirt”?

Keep And Bear

This high quality shirt is hand-printed right here in these United States of America by the fine folks over at K&B.

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