Knife Attack Strike Buckingham Palace as EU Terror Reign Continues

Europe is still very much under siege these days, as evidenced by yet another knife attack in the capital of Britain.

London’s Buckingham Palace was under heavy police presence, cordoned off after an attacker wielding a knife attempted to injure several police officers on the scene.  Originally reported as brandishing a possible sword or machete, authorities were quick to correct the record to indicate that the attacker was using a knife instead.

At the time of the incident the Queen of England was not present at her royal home.

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The incident, which took place shortly after 8:30pm local time, saw two police officers receive minor injuries while attempting to take the man into custody.  Neither officer was immediately transported to the hospital, indicating the non-severity of the attacker’s damage.

At this time, authorities have yet to release a motive for the attack, and no witnesses have come forward to indicate what type of behavior the attacker was demonstrating prior to or during the incident.

Europe as a whole has been absolutely bombarded with terror-style attacks over the course of the past few months, with a great many of those occurring at English arenas and landmarks.  In these attacks, the perpetrators have utilized a number of different weapons including homemade explosives, vehicles, and certainly knives.  Tonight’s incident certainly falls into the pattern of radical Islamic terror incidents in Britain, but police have been hesitant to label this particular incident as such.

Britain is currently in the process of abandoning the European Union, an organization that has been extremely soft on radical Islamic terror despite the continent’s overwhelming death and destruction occurring weekly at the hands of these religious fanatics.

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