Klansmen and Neo-Nazis Find Powerful New Hate Platform: CNN

The leftist establishment media is scrambling in 2018, hoping to gather whatever scraps they have left on their plate into something resembling substance…and they are failing.  Miserably.

CNN, the New York Times, and others have all been on the receiving end of a fair amount of perfectly legitimate criticism over the course of the last two years, as their biased take on the nation at large has begun to irritate and anger Americans of all shapes and sizes.  Their race-baiting, flame-fanning coverage of all things Trump has seen a return to their old tricks, namely segregation and divisiveness, in order to divide and conquer the malleable minds of their millennial voters.

We must remember, however, that these outlets are nothing more than vestibules of entertainment wrapped in the cloak of “news”.  CNN in particular has egregiously hateful and salacious in their message, in hopes of attracting viewers with conflict, rage, and vitriol.  Without these powerful emotions and actions, advertisers would simply leave the platform, causing CNN to quickly fade into the obscurity that has always awaited them.

And that’s why, in 2018, CNN is going all in on giving airtime to hate-mongers in the KKK and the Neo-Nazi movement:  Advertising revenue.

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“It was CNN that gave Arthur Jones, a full-blown Nazi and Holocaust-denier, a national platform earlier this week. Until then, no one had everheard of Jones. He is just some despicable nobody local-bigot from Illinois running a futile congressional campaign in the hopes his stunt will give him bigger opportunities to promote his vile views, which CNN was all too happy to provide.

“CNN’s validation of Nazis and Klansmen does not stop there. CNN’s top anti-Trump commentator, Jake Tapper, has made a cottage industry out of offering a former-Klansman and current white supremacist a national profile.

“Without Tapper and CNN promoting him and his views, David Duke would be a historical footnote, the Louisiana racist who spent 30 years grasping for the spotlight with various political runs, and did manage to squeak three years into the state house. Without Tapper and CNN working as his PR firm today, though, no one would consider Duke relevant or even remember him.”

And it gets worse.

“A search for ‘David Duke’ at yields 228 hits — most of them within the last year. The most CNN-ish of these stories is unquestionably the one titled, ‘Could Charlottesville open a door for Russia?’

“There is just no question that CNN is desperate to make national figures out of despicable and marginal men — and I do mean marginal. Even with CNN’s non-stop promotion of his account, Duke has not even managed to attract more than 50,000 Twitter followers. In fact, before CNN decided to turn him into a national superstar, Duke was forgotten, a nobody, a resident of the ash heap, a pimple on the butt of irrelevancy.”

Despite CNN’s best efforts, a great many Americans understand the true, dastardly nature of Duke, and that is just about the only uplifting reality of this situation.

Much like Hillary Clinton believed that propping up Donald Trump would make her electoral victory that much easier, CNN needs men like David Duke to rail against.  In turn, they prop him up, give him a soapbox, and promote him as one of their own.

You see, the bigger David Duke gets, the more CNN can rely on him for ratings.



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