Kindergartner Suspended Over Use of Stick as Toy Gun

The coddling of American children has reached unbelievable new heights this week as a kindergartner comes face to face with the liberal imagination police.

There have been countless stories regarding with wussification of America in recent years, all spurred on by the new leftist mantra of keeping the children “safe”.  Not safe from injury, mind you, that’s an entirely different sort of animal as science catches up with medicine and technology, allowing us to create more efficient helmets and sport equipment.

No, this new focus on safety that is emanating from the fringes of the liberal movement has more to do with what they believe are stimuli that could cause mental health concerns later in life.  Once again, this is putting the cart before the horse as far as semantics go.  This is not about mental health in a medical sense.  This is about not allowing our children to experience the world around them for what it is.

A child’s experience in life is focused nearly entirely on learning about their environment.  That’s what childhood is, intrinsically.  It’s natural that young Americans will at one point feel frightened or emotionally hurt or offended.  This is all part of weaving your own tapestry, and how you learn to handle these situations is precisely how your character is built.  By censoring these experiences, we are creating an entire generation of children with no concept of disappointment or fear.  These children will grow into adolescence, and subsequently adulthood, with very few intuitive concerns for their own safety.  Without the experience of fear or a dangerous situation, there is no innate ability to cope with this as an adult.

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So when we hear stories of adults in American imposing unrealistic utopian ideals on the youth of our nation, we must be concerned for the future well being of those we choose to raise.  By disallowing children to create their own identity by censoring what they are allowed  to learn or do, we are creating sheep, primed for slaughter by the evils of their forthcoming adult worlds.

Take, for instance, the newfound malarky regarding guns and gun-like objects.

A famous case from 2007 in which a 7 year old boy was suspended from school for eating a cookie into the shape of a gun should have been the first and last story of its kind.  Children shouldn’t be made to believe that guns do not exist.  It’s wildly unhealthy, and depriving them of that knowledge certainly does not create a wary and prepared adult.

Now, a decade on, teachers are still handicapping our nation’s youth by choosing to disallow the very idea of firearms.

“A North Carolina mother is outraged after her five-year-old daughter was suspended from school for playing with a stick that resembled a gun.

“Brandy Miller told WTVD that she got a call from her daughter’s principal on Friday about an incident that occurred on the playground.

“The principal said that Miller’s daughter Caitlin and two of her kindergarten classmates were playing a game when Caitlin picked up a stick and imitated shooting.”

The ridiculousness of these incidents must be examined by We The People for what they are:  Indoctrination of our youth into a dangerous fantasy land in which they will forever be protected from the very idea that someone could brandish a weapon.


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