Jimmy Kimmel

Kimmel’s Racist Rant Against First Lady Has to Be Seen to Be Believed!

A wise man once told me that you can say or do anything that you want, as long as you do it with class and tact.  Apparently, no one has ever told this to Jimmy Kimmel.

Kimmel has been at the forefront of the celebrity cabal who are actively using the “resistance” hatred against Donald Trump in order to boost ratings for their own television programs.

You didn’t think Kimmel actually hated Donald Trump, did you?

Jimmy Kimmel
Kimmel’s body language here screams “I’m listening to you because I can learn from you”.  Trump’s body language says “You’re damn right you can”.

No, of course not.  Trump is one of the untouchable success stories in the American mythos, and men such as Jimmy Kimmel once held a high reverence for this sort of prominence.  As it turns out, Trump’s up-front and in-your-face attitude makes him incredibly simple fodder for late night writers, who are basically going to coast through the next six and half years of Trump’s presidency on jokes about hair, Cheetoh dust, and golf.

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Simply put:  Trump is making Kimmel’s job easier by allowing himself to be the target of the left’s ire.  So, you’re welcome.

But when Kimmel and others go after Trump’s family, that’s another story altogether.  It’s the equivalent of bombing churches and hospitals in wartime.  It’s unethical, especially in the cases of Melania and Barron Trump, neither of whom are part of the legislative process in the same manner as Ivanka Trump or Jared Kushner.  Sure, Melania is very much the face of White House hospitality and humanitarianism, but we won’t likely see the First Lady addressing congress anytime soon.

So when Kimmel’s writing staff strays from the Commander in Chief to the rest of the Trump clan, there is an inherently filthy feeling about the whole thing.

Worse yet, Kimmel’s anti-Melania rants have taken an absurdly racist and xenophobic tone this week, as the progressive clown decided that mocking the First Lady’s accent was an appropriate thing to do with his platform.


Dees and daht“.  What a scumbag.

This is the same Jimmy Kimmel who has long perpetuated the leftist lie that Donald Trump is some sort of racist, supreme bigot who is at fault for all of the horrendous racial “injustice” that occurs within our nation today.  This is also the same Jimmy Kimmel who got his start in Hollywood by objectifying women on Comedy Central on The Man Show.

Kimmel has lectured the American people numerous times in the past as well, on everything from healthcare to immigration to sexism to racism.  The hypocrisy isn’t just astounding, but it’s disqualifying to any other opinion the host, (or his writers), purport to have.

If the left is going to continue to pretend that they have the moral high ground over President Trump, they will need to do a much better job of hiding the hate that they built their plateau upon.

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