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Kimmel Bullies Melania AGAIN, This Time Over Anti-Bullying Agenda

There really doesn’t seem to be any cognizance within the late night writers’ rooms in New York and L.A. regarding the hypocrisy of their “do as I say, not as I do” ethos, especially when it comes to Jimmy Kimmel.

Kimmel has made himself the poster boy for the social justice junket in recent years, shedding crocodile tears over healthcare in an exploitative stunt involving his young son.

Jimmy Kimmel held his baby son as he returned to his late-night show after a week off for the boy’s heart surgery.

Kimmel was crying from the first moment of his monologue Monday night as he pleaded with Congress to restore and improve children’s health coverage, a cause he has championed since his son Billy was born with a heart defect in April.

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Billy needed one surgery just after his birth and had a follow-up operation last week.

Kimmel kept up his ardent advocacy Monday night, urging Congress to restore the Children’s Health Insurance Program, which has been left unfunded and stuck in a political stalemate since September.

Kimmel said it’s “disgusting” that Congress is putting tax cuts for millionaires ahead of the lives of children.

The “icky” feeling that we all felt watching Kimmel grovel onstage wasn’t the last time we’d experience such a repulsion in the former chauvinist-for-hire’s time slot either.  Just months after the stunt involving his son, Kimmel tore into First Lady Melania Trump in a racist rant, mocking her accent.

But when Kimmel and others go after Trump’s family, that’s another story altogether.  It’s the equivalent of bombing churches and hospitals in wartime.  It’s unethical, especially in the cases of Melania and Barron Trump, neither of whom are part of the legislative process in the same manner as Ivanka Trump or Jared Kushner.  Sure, Melania is very much the face of White House hospitality and humanitarianism, but we won’t likely see the First Lady addressing congress anytime soon.

So when Kimmel’s writing staff strays from the Commander in Chief to the rest of the Trump clan, there is an inherently filthy feeling about the whole thing.

Worse yet, Kimmel’s anti-Melania rants have taken an absurdly racist and xenophobic tone this week, as the progressive clown decided that mocking the First Lady’s accent was an appropriate thing to do with his platform.

Even after being exposed as a bigot during this ridiculously racist rigamarole, Kimmel has decided to revisit his disdain for the First Lady of The United States by now attacking her recently unveiled anti-bullying campaign with a bit of hypocritical bullying of his own.

Kimmel said, “As you know, Michelle Obama’s focus when she was first lady was on healthy eating and exercise, and Melania’s focus is on helping children, too. This is very meaningful to her—you know, her husband is a child. So this campaign to help stop bullying is a good cause. It’s something everyone can agree on, whether you’re a Republican like ‘Little’ Marco or ‘Lyin’’ Ted, or a Democrat like ‘Crooked’ Hillary or ‘Crazy’ Bernie, we all know that internet bullying is bad. So Melania has embraced it.”

He continued, “‘Be Best’ is the slogan. I think there must be a thought missing, right? There must be a word? It was either going to be ‘Be Best’ or ‘Do Goodest,’ and they went with ‘Be Best.’ There is like a space there. Is DJ Khaled writing slogans for the White House now?”

C’mon, Jimmy.  If you can go from being one of the filthiest and most degrading men on television on The Man Show, to the poster boy for liberal social justice clichés in late night, you can certainly pretend to be a little less of jerk when it comes to the First Lady.

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