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Kimmel AGAIN Goes After Trump’s Family Members in Inexcusable Rant

There are few things more infuriating in America’s political circus today than when the liberal left runs out of logical, coherent arguments to make and suddenly pivots to making personal attacks on the President and his family.

This has been a constant in the Trump Era, as the entire democratic side of the aisle, both in Washington and in Hollywood, continue to rain hate down on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and anyone who steps foot in or near the Oval Office.  These absent-minded, blatantly hateful attacks are fueling an increasingly violent “resistance”, who have already opened fire on conservative republicans with the hope of assassinating members of the GOP charity baseball team, and who are being goaded by the mainstream media into a “New Civil War“.

When our entertainment industry finds itself joining in, we must begin to worry, as their reach is far more concerning than that of the meager D.C. democrats.

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Such is the case with late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, who seems to have a real issue with First Lady Melania Trump, having spent an inordinate amount of time mocking her accent in bizarre, racist rants that are seen by millions of Americans every night.

Now, Kimmel is taking things a step further, hoping that the President’s marriage to Melania dissolves over the course of the next few weeks.

Late-night funnyman Jimmy Kimmel fantasized about how recently released tapes between President Donald Trump and his former attorney Michael Cohen could lead to the end of the president’s marriage with First Lady Melania Trump.

“We have so much to get to — a veritable cornucopia of crazy. All stirred up by our Celebrity Appresident, whose voice we heard on Tuesday night instructing his former lawyer to pay off a Playboy Playmate,” Kimmel said during his opening monologue.

In the tapes released by CNN, Trump is heard discussing with Cohen how they could purchase the rights to the story of Karen McDougal, who allegedly had an extramarital affair between with Trump back in 2008.

“After that tape the other day, the president is reportedly worried that these new revelations of infidelity could affect his marriage. Can you imagine? Imagine if Melania leaves Donald Trump while he is in office?” Kimmel asked.

“What if he has to give her the White House in the divorce settlement? How would that work? And if they did split up, you know if they split up he wouldn’t just lay low. He’d be out there dating. He’d be like, you know what, I think I might need to make a state visit to Sweden. Smooth a few things out over there.”

Just as a reminder; Jimmy Kimmel was accused of using his star power to bed fellow comedian Sarah Silverman years ago in a relationship that was panned in Hollywood as nothing but a publicity boost for the raunchy Silverman.

Oh, and let’s not forget about Jimmy Kimmel’s repeated use of blackface to mock NBA star Karl Malone:

Jimmy Kimmel


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