Kim Jong Un’s Plans for President Trump’s Visit to Asia Are EXPLOSIVE!

Editorial credit: Michael Candelori /

President Donald Trump is currently on a tour of Asian allies this week, with stops all over the contentment planned for the coming days.

Early in the President’s planning for this visit rumors swirled that Trump would be compelled to visit the demilitarized zone between North Korea and South Korea, a staple of dignitary visits for some time.  Trump himself dispelled those rumors, however, with the panache of a man with more important things to do.  Besides, he and North Korean madman Kim Jong Un seem to be communicating just fine from the distance at which they reside from one another.

The fact that Trump’s jaunting about the Far East will not include a trip to the border of Kim’s rogue nation won’t deter the madman from Pyongyang from antagonizing the United States and its Commander in Chief, however, as the Kim regime is believed to be planning a wild display of military firepower while President Trump is mere miles away.

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“Trump will bet jetting into South Korea today on his tour of Asia – set for a one-on-one chat with President Moon Jae-in.

“The US President will be in Seoul, which is just 35 miles from the border with North Korea and just 120 miles from the capital Pyongyang.

“Spooks now fear the rogue state will be planning a massive missile launch to send a message to Trump as he gets the closest he has ever been to Kim.

“Missile movements have been detected across North Korea, while US and South Korean spy planes have been working overtime as they try to sniff out what Kim is up to.

“North Korea next step will be to launch a nuclear-capable missile out into the heart of the Pacific, experts believe.

“Kim’s rogue state has been talking up the possibility of the dreaded Juche Bird, a live nuclear explosion over the ocean – the first of it’s kind for 30 years.

“An unannounced test of this kind would be the ultimate provocation and is likely to spark World War 3.”

The terrifying reality of Kim Jong Un’s proposed show likely has several American military leaders on edge, as the U.S. is still maintaining a fighting force just off the coast of the Korean Peninsula in the form of several aircraft carrier groups and warships.

Kim certainly understands the impact that such a missile test would create, and his willingness to punch a crater into the international diplomatic process of reigning him in would be construed as an act of war without hesitation.

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