North Korea

Kim Jong Un’s Mishaps Won’t Deter Seattle’s Disaster Prep

North Korea’s bevy of failed missile tests may have Kim Jong Un taking the brunt of international laughing fits, but the possibilities of a nuclear attack on the U.S. is no joke to residents of Seattle.

Kim Jong Un, the tiny tyrant of North Korea, has long been a fan of provoking the rest of the civilized world.  In particular, the dimwitted dictator enjoys harassing the United States, arch nemesis of North Korea for decades, often expounding upon his plans to detonate a battery of nuclear weapons on America’s west coast.  Numerous propaganda films produced within the country contain scenes of iconic California towns and monuments being obliterated by North Korean ballistic missiles.

Of course, back in reality, Kim Jong Un is far more bark than bite.  In the last month alone, the hermit kingdom has attempted three known missile launches.  The first two ended miserably just moments after liftoff, victims of either poor engineering or some form of cyber attack.  The diminutive dictator was able to get one of his missiles skyward, traveling for 30 minutes before crashing into the sea 60 miles off of the coast of Russia.  That missile traveled some 500+ miles, according to reports.

While many in California are far more concerned with petty, anti-Trump nonsense than they are with a clunky, unpredictable excuse for a missile slicing through thousands of miles over the Pacific Ocean, the people of Seattle aren’t so quick to scoff.

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“Washington State allows evacuation plans for every disaster scenario except a nuclear bomb. Former state Rep. Dick Nelson remembers the prevailing thinking in the legislature at the time concerning response plans in the event of nuclear war.

“’You are really sending a message that you’re getting ready to do something maybe yourself,’ Nelson said.

“The law passed in 1984, seven years before the end of the Cold War. It was the opposite approach taken by President Ronald Reagan, whose peace through strength doctrine helped lead to the collapse of the Soviet Union.

“A current Washington state senator says the current law is irresponsible and naïve.

“’I think it’s ridiculous and silly,’ says state Sen. Mark Miloscia, ‘And sort of the head-in-the-sand mentality. If it has a probability of happening, prepare for it.’”

North Korea, while most likely capable of producing a rudimentary nuclear device, has yet to provide definitive proof that they could then create a vessel worthy of whatever warhead they can slap together.  Furthermore, while one-third of their recent missile tests seemed somewhat successful, that lurking majority of attempts would be much riskier with a nuke tied to the tippy-top.


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