North Korea

Kim Jong Un’s Latest Sickening Stunt Revealed: Schoolyard Executions

North Korea’s list of egregious offenses continues to grow, as do the cries from the international community for the United States to step in and lay down the law on Kim Jong Un and his cronies.

Of course, the premiere concern surrounding the dainty despot and his hermit kingdom is their likely stash of atomic weapons, both plutonium and hydrogen based, that could soon be mounted onto their newly revealed intercontinental ballistic missile.  Estimates of the ICBM’s possible range has U.S. locales from Honolulu to Huntington Beach on high alert, and, given the frustratingly erratic nature of Kim Jong Un, this worry is with good reason.

Furthermore, the brutal regime of the DPRK has been employing the use of Holocaust-style concentration camps for ages, incarcerating up to three generations of a family for a single offender’s wrongdoing.  Just weeks ago, an American named Otto Warmbier was returned to America from one of these death camps, comatose and braindead.  The young man had fallen ill over a year ago, merely days into his 15 year sentence for removing a poster from a hotel wall.

The inhuman tactics don’t end there, however, as new reports from within the reclusive nation reveal that Kim Jong Un is ordering his military to carry out public executions by firing squad in a peculiar choice of places.

“Kim Jong Un’s brutal North Korean regime shot so-called ‘criminals’ to death in schoolyards and fish markets in a twisted attempt to create an ‘atmosphere of fear’ throughout the dictatorship, a Wednesday report from a human rights group revealed.

“The report, released by The Transnational Justice Working Group in Seoul, gathered information from more than 300 North Korean refugees who witnessed the regime’s firing squad executing criminals in public areas to attract large crowds and instill fear in its citizens.

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“‘In ordinary areas outside the prison system, our interviewees stated that public executions take place near river banks, in river beds, near bridges, in public sports stadiums, in the local marketplace, on school grounds in the fringes of the city, or on mountainsides,’ the report stated.

“The report said people were publicly executed for crimes such as stealing rice and livestock and distributing South Korean media. Those prisoners were mixed in with citizens convicted of violent crimes, such as murder and manslaughter, as well as organized prostitution and sexual assault. “

Such are the tactics of brutal dictatorships in our modern world, but North Korea’s behavior has a sinister bend that has long been ignored.

Now, as the tiny nation, surrounded by U.S. allies, continues their pompous threats against Americans, many in the U.S. believe that it is time to intervene.  Should North Korea finally attach an atomic warhead to a long-range missile, there is absolutely no doubt that Kim would be willing to press the proverbial button.  The longer the United States waits to act, the more likely that precarious scenario is to become reality.

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