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Could Kim Jong Un Be Holding Something Far More Worrisome Than Nukes?

The tension between North Korea and the United States has taken a thankful downturn in recent days, thanks in no small part to President Trump.

The Commander in Chief had recently admonished his North Korea counterpart Kim Jong Un over statements that the diminutive dictator made regarding a missile strike against Guam.  Trump’s “fire and fury” remarks were widely lambasted by the left, of course, due to their ongoing “resistance” to anything and everything that the President does.

In a bit of bad news for the radical left, however, Trump’s tough talk completely worked and the maniacal threats of Kim have softened to a dull hum.

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Now, however, experts warn that there may be something more sinister in Kim’s back pocket than this possibly-ready atomic arsenal.

“Kim Jong Un’s military has been collecting large stockpiles of nerve agents, such as sarin and VX, that could target U.S. military bases in the region and large cities like Seoul and Tokyo, according to a new report.

“’Nuclear weapons are not the only threat,’ Kelsey Davenport, director of non-proliferation policy for the Arms Control Association told the McClatchy Washington Bureau. ‘North Korea could respond to a U.S. attack using chemical weapons. That would be devastating.’

“While Pyongyang officials deny the rogue regime possesses chemical weapons, the country began developing chemical weapons in 1961 amid rising tensions at that time.

“The Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology reports the country has four military bases equipped with chemical weapons and at least 11 facilities where they are produced and stored.

 “Davenport said it would be difficult, if not impossible, to neutralize North Korea’s chemical weapon stockpile with a preventive strike.”

While the U.S. has yet to rule out military action on the Korean Peninsula, this added worry could create a nightmare for American military leaders.

Particularly disturbing is the fact that these nerve agents are far more mobile than the cutting edge pieces of the North’s nuclear puzzle.  This means that a lunch of chemical weapons over the DMZ and 40 miles into Seoul, South Korea is a much mire likely scenario than Kim attempting to nuke the American allies.

Given the sharp rebuke of President Trump to Syria’s purported use of chemical weapons, one would believe that North Korea would be unwise to even consider such a travesty.  Unfortunately, Kim Jong Un is not known for his thoughtful responses to those who wish to depose him.

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