NSFW: “Killing Donald Trump” Page Doesn’t Violate Facebook’s “Community Standards”

On Thursday, a report emerged that Mark Zuckerberg’s online empire, Facebook, is allowing a group’s page to call for the murder of presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump. The group has been reported since April, and according to Facebook, the group “doesn’t violate its community standards.”

The page, “I F*****g Want to Kill Donald Trump,” features an image of the candidate in make-up with a headline that reads, “Dead Clown Walking.”

A recent post shows Trump as a corpse, and is captioned, “What is your weapon of choice?”

Here’s an image captured by Paul Joseph Watson:


Watson added:

When Brook Perkins complained directly to Facebook about the page, he was told it would be removed, but the company took no action.

“This is obviously a credible threat of violence,” Perkins told Infowars. “I reported the page and Facebook agreed with me, saying it violates community standards. So they said they would take it down. Alas, seconds later, the page is back up, if they even did take it down at all. Is Facebook actively and knowingly hosting content that violates their rules?”

Here’s the report with Facebook’s response:


Joe Newby from Conservative Firing Line, writes:

On the other hand, moderators told one page owner that his picture of a 2012 Donald Trump campaign button violated rules on nudity.

So a picture of a campaign button violates the rules, but a page actually advocating murder is just fine. And, we’re supposed to believe there’s no bias and no double standard.

This isn’t the first time this kind of bias has occurred. During the 2012 campaign, Facebook approved a page advocating the murder of Mitt Romney.  The page was ultimately taken down after the Secret Service got involved.

By permitting the promotion of violence on its site, Facebook is actually enabling hate speech, which is not protected speech under the First Amendment. 

Newby adds:

“As a final note, Adina Kutnicki, an investigative journalist based in Israel, and I have just wrapped up our book on the social media giant and what it enables.  That book, endorsed by Pam Geller, is set to be published this fall.  Keep an eye out for it and be sure to order it when it’s available. At the rate things are going, we may have to do a sequel.”



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