To Kill Obamacare Trump Promises a Special Session of Congress

The Trump Pence ticket is campaigning as the only way voters can kill Obamacare and do it quickly.

Who wants to kill Obamacare? Donald Trump and Mike Pence are betting that many voters do.

Politico reports,

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The GOP nominee characterized the law as a massive, nearly 3,000-page bill that to this day “nobody understands.” He also seized on the administration’s announcement of premium hikes.

“Here in Pennsylvania, premiums are going to increase more than 60 percent,” he said. “And that’s nothing compared [to] what will happen in the future. Of course, in the future, if I’m president, there won’t be Obamacare so you won’t have to worry about that.”

He attacked Obamacare for stalling the economy and killing jobs, noting that there are fewer insurers and doctors now but higher premiums and deductibles as he cast a Hillary Clinton election as a detrimental expansion that Americans can’t afford.

“Obamacare means higher prices, fewer choices and lower quality, yet Hillary Clinton wants to expand Obamacare and make it even more expensive,” he added. “She wants to put the government totally in charge of health care in America. If we don’t repeal and replace Obamacare, we will destroy American healthcare forever. It’s one of the single most important reasons why we must win on Nov. 8. We must win.”

This should make it clear that, if Donald Trump is elected by a majority of voters, he has a mandate to kill Obamacare. The media will never admit it, but that’s because they’re a propaganda arm for the crime syndicate that is the Federal Government. Donald Trump believes that this is a major issue with Americans and that it should cost Hillary the election.

He’s gone all in.

If he is wrong, then Americans deserve the Hell that follows.

It is possible, however, that the Congress might kill Obamacare even if Hillary wins.

I’m optimistic. According to Politico:

Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have amped up their rhetoric about Obamacare on the campaign trail the past few weeks, with Clinton continuing to call for fixes to the law while Trump has honed in on rising premiums and how they might affect voters in swing states like Arizona and Nevada.

Trump also is planning on making Obamacare repeal the central theme of a joint rally with running mate Mike Pence this morning in Valley Forge, Pa. A number of other Republican leaders, including Sen. John Barrasso and Rep. Mike Burgess, will join him there.

The outcome of the 2017 enrollment season could have sweeping consequences for the next administration’s immediate priorities, particularly if sign-ups fall well short of HHS estimates or struggling insurance marketplaces fail to attract healthier customers.

I’m optimistic, first, because I think Obamacare is going to tip the scales to Trump in Nevada and Arizona. But if not, I am certain that Obamacare is not going to attract healthier customers. The Trump voters are not going to go away. With the fear that Trump might start a third party and destroy the GOP, Congress might have to do what they promised back in 2014 and fight for the people against Obamacare.

If they refuse to bail out Obamacare, there will be nothing Hillary can do.

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