Kid Rock

Kid Rock Leading GOP Senate Field in Latest Polling of Michigan Voters

Given the wild success of unconventional political powerhouse Donald Trump, one rock and roll star from Michigan is looking poised to make waves in the Senate.

Kid Rock, who was born Robert Ritchie, has toyed with the idea of taking his brand of Americana into politics for some time.  Now, as one midwestern state prepares to examine their Senate choices for 2018, Ritchie’s name has been on the tips of Michiganders’ tongues.  Certainly, there are only a few examples of rock stars and other celebrities making successful runs for office, but with Donald Trump in the Oval Office, now seems like the exact right time to take a shot.

Kid Rock may seem like a long-shot candidate when mentioned in passing conversation, but the American singer is actually leading the republican field in early, early polling.

“Michigan celebrity musician Kid Rock leads the potential field of Republican candidates for U.S. Senate and — if he gets into the race — might begin his campaign within striking distance of Democrat incumbent Debbie Stabenow.

“A new Target-Insyght poll of 822 likely Michigan voters showed Stabenow with a 50-42 percent lead in a hypothetical general election matchup with Kid Rock, who is flirting with a Senate run but has not yet declared his candidacy. The statewide sample conducted last Tuesday and Thursday had a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.

“The survey also showed relatively strong support for Republican President Donald Trump in Michigan, a finding that is reflected in the U.S. Senate numbers, said pollster Ed Sarpolus.

Michigan has no problem with unconventional politicians, either.

“Forty-nine percent of likely Michigan voters who participated in the poll said Trump is doing an ‘excellent’ or ‘pretty good’ job in the White House, while 50 percent said he is doing ‘only fair’ or ‘poor.’ Nationally, Trump’s job approval rating stands at less than 40 percent, according to a poll average compiled by Real Clear Politics.”

While a great many celebrities throughout the United States tend to lean far to the left, Kid Rock and a handful of others are proud to display their conservative stripes.

America is in the midst of a transformation in which traditional values are once again being pushed to the forefront of the nation’s psyche.  Eight long years of democratic disaster, and the averted crisis of a Hillary Clinton presidency, have played a large role in that metamorphosis.

Senator Kid Rock could be very well be the next evolution of America’s conservative uprising.


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