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Kerry Fails Again On Two State Solution In Palestine

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For years, we have been fed the line that the Palestinian people were being denied their own land. That all this poor minority wanted was to rule themselves. The right to decide one’s own fate and fortune is not too much to ask. But, is this even close to being true?

The Israelis have for years denied that this was true. They have stated that no matter what they conceded to the Arabs living in Palestine, they would never accept the nation of Israel had a right to exist.

We now see that this is true.

Breitbart reports

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Outgoing Secretary of State John Kerry outlined a plan last week at the State Department for a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict based on “a broad consensus on balanced principles that would satisfy the core needs of both sides.”

Kerry’s plan was criticized by Israelis for focusing on settlements and giving away Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem. This week, a senior Palestinian figure rejected it for a more fundamental reason: Palestinians refuse to accept a Jewish state.

Palestinian Media Watch notes that Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) executive committee member Hanan Ashram — a frequent spokesperson for the Palestinian cause in American media — told official Palestinian Authority television that Kerry’s plan was too “Zionist” because it accepted the principle of Israel as a Jewish State.

This is the conflict in a nutshell. The Arabs living in Palestine have always denied the Jewish State of Israel as legal. They have sworn never to rest until it was destroyed. And they have Ashram all but confirms that this is still the operating principles of their leadership.

Breitbart continues

Ashrawi stated that Palestinians had never recognized Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state and still refused to do so:

The six principles that Kerry presented are undeniable Zionist principles that serve Israeli interests. For example, he spoke about Jerusalem – a capital of two states. He didn’t say that East Jerusalem is occupied, but rather that Jerusalem is a capital of two states… Secondly, he said ‘a Jewish state,’ giving them [Israel] a great prize. We have refused and still refuse to say that Israel is a Jewish state…

This is why peace is not possible. It also shows the great foolishness of the UN resolution against the Israel.

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