Kellyanne Conway

Kellyanne Tears Airport Heckler A New One, Secret Service Forced to Restrain Her

American leadership over the course of the last 8 years has taken on an unwarranted and unhelpful docile tone, with U.S. citizens bearing the brunt of Barack Obama’s constant capitulation of the world around him.

During his time at the helm of the American ship, Barack Obama commanded little authority in the world at large.  Not only was he responsible for one of the most lopsided negotiations that the U.S. has ever conducted with Iran, the liberal leader also refused to engage international terror syndicate ISIS any more than he absolutely was required to, even going so far as to omit the phrase “radical Islam” from the lexicon of Washington D.C.

Thankfully, with the resounding defeat of Hillary Clinton in November 2016, the nation will have a reprieve from the soft liberal attitude at our highest levels, instead opting for bold go-getters in the form of the Donald Trump administration.

One such firebrand is Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s former campaign manager who is as feisty as she is cunning.  One liberal twerp who confronted Kellyanne in an airport found out the hard way just how much fight Conway can pack into her svelte frame.

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“Kellyanne Conway flew into Washington Reagan Airport Monday at 6 p.m. only to be greeted by a heckler with a sharp tongue. A source on the scene said two members of the Secret Service had to hold President Trump‘s counselor back from yelling at the white male who was mouthing off at her as she was walking out of an airport terminal.

“Conway, who has previously played nice when strangers get obnoxious with her in public, has finally had it.

“According to Washington paparazzi photog Mark Wilkins, Conway was approximately 20 feet away from the man who shouted at her, ‘Keep trashing America.’

“Conway ripped the guy, saying, ‘I like the way you talk s*** while I’m walking away.'”

The Secret Service was forced to restrain Conway as she attempted to confront the classless heckler.

While leftists will certainly use Conway’s retort as some form of moral attack on her, possibly citing her language, the fact remains that the White House counsel’s fiery retort against this crude heckler belies a much stronger message than mere semantics.  Kellyanne is reinventing the American political attitude after 8 long and arduous years of Barack Obama’s meek and timid role on the world’s stage.  Leaders such as Kellyanne, and the President for whom she works, both exude an attitude and an authority that will help to steer America back to her former confidence, and that is something that all citizens of this nation are aching for.


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