Kellyanne Conway

Kellyanne Rips and Roars on Media Improvements Under Trump


Donald Trump has faced an amassing of media attacks in the first few weeks of his fledgling presidency, with some outlets refusing to even give the President the time of day.

Those bastions of fake news have repeatedly irked the administration, who have been working uphill for the entirety of their scant time in office, railing agains the inherent liberal media bias that is so prevalent in today’s society.

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Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, however, was having none of it.  The first woman to ever successfully manage a presidential campaign, has spent these first 80-some days in the White House absolutely eviscerating the media’s take on the President.

Today, though, Conway had at least something nice to say..

“Kellyanne Conway briefly strayed from the White House’s long-standing critiques of the media Wednesday to deliver a rare bit of praise to certain print outlets for what she called improving coverage, bristling especially at the characterization that the president dislikes a top New York Times reporter.

“Speaking at the Newseum to Hollywood Reporter columnist Michael Wolff, Conway said she gives the media an ‘incomplete’ grade for their coverage of President Donald Trump’s administration thus far, saying it’s too early to judge. It was likely a more generous grade than several of her White House colleagues would offer.

 “And though she repeated her complaints from the campaign trail about bias in journalists’ Twitter feeds, Conway said she had noticed some print reporters have changed they way they’ve covered President Trump versus candidate Trump.”

Conway may have been stepping outside of the traditional White House tongue-holding with her comments regarding the media, but Donald Trump is no ordinary president, let alone that the behavior of the liberal media is no longer ordinary by any means.  If nothing else, Conway would do well to continue her tirades and criticisms of the leftist establishment media in order to ensure that Trump’s legacy is not trampled on before he has a chance to create it.



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