Kellyanne Conway

Kellyanne Conway Taking Shots at Biased Media, Liberals FURIOUS


The Donald Trump presidency has ushered in a dramatic shift in the way that politicking in America occurs, and it has opened the eyes of the populace to the trickery of the media.

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Before President Trump began his ascent to the Oval Office, politicians were confined by some imaginary decree in which they would play to the media, hoping that their latest sound bite would be picked up and disseminated among the masses.  They would be forced to analyze trends in the mainstream media, waiting to pounce at the most opportune time with the most well choreographed action or phrase.  In all honesty, the cable news outlets were seemingly steering the ship.

Donald Trump, however, does not operate in that fashion.  Between his Twitter account acting as a direct line of the thought from the most powerful man on the planet, to his consistent moral obligation to tell it like it is, Trump’s presidency has given us one of the most transparent administrations in recent history.

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While this change was fairly plain to see for the political observer, not everyone has the time or resources to be so invested in the news cycle that these subtle nuances come off as jarring epiphanies.

That’s where Kellyanne Conway comes in, using the truth to set us all free from the chains of the globalist media conglomerate.

“White House Counselor To the President Kellyanne Conway joined Judge Jeanine on Saturday night, and her words rang so true, everyone must see this!

“One of the huge takeaways I got from this interview is that Conway is watching the same thing I am, and she gets it.

“’He’s creating jobs; he’s doing all these things that don’t get covered,’ Conway explained. President Trump promised New Hampshire that he was going to deal with the drug issue that plagues their state and Conway reminded Judge Jeanine that Trump is tackling the nationwide epidemic of opioid abuse and the media hasn’t touched that news.”

Conway’s statements couldn’t ring truer.  The constant battle that the Trump administration has faced in dealing with the corrupt and slanted media has been downright appalling.

That’s not to say that the media has ramped up their bias in recent months.  President Trump is simply an unknown entity to these “news” organizations, and their inability to wrangle him using the old-school trickery of the past several decades has given us an inside look at the way in which they operated.  What we’re experiencing now on cable news is a live stream of conscious effort to thwart an already successful President.  The backstage brainstorming sessions are spilling over directly to the on-air talent, and what would have been a much more polished presentation during Obama’s reign has turned into Monday morning quarterbacking for mainstream anchors.


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