Brett Kavanaugh

Kavanaugh Accuser Refuses Testimony in Conveniently Timed Declaration

While we can be fairly certain that the “resistance” of the liberal left is surely out to get The President one way or another, we don’t always have perfectly clear examples of how.

Today, however, we do.

In the case of Brett Kavanaugh, the mathematically certain Supreme Court nominee would have cruised onto the highest bench in the land, barring any wild Hail Mary play from the radical left.  Well, right on cue, that Hail Mary was been tossed, in the form of a 36 year old, unverifiable claim of sexual misconduct that occurred during Kavanaugh’s time in high school.

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Kavanaugh’s accuser was invited to testify on Monday before the Senate to describe her side of the story, so that the US population could make their judgement on the strange accusations in a timely manner.

It seems, however, that telling her story was never the goal, however.  The goal seems to be stalling the Kavanaugh confirmation until after the midterm elections.

On Tuesday morning, Brett Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford’s expected testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee was being called the most-anticipated event in Washington in decades. By Tuesday night, the whole thing appeared to be off.

Ford revealed her identity in a Washington Post article Sunday. Democrats immediately began calling on Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, to schedule a hearing. Early Monday morning, Ford lawyer Debra Katz told CNN that Ford would appear if asked.

“Will your client, Christine Ford, be willing to testify in public to the judiciary committee?” asked anchor Alisyn Camerota.

“The answer is yes,” said Katz.

This was echoed by both the President and Kellywanne Conway as excellent news, as both have openly expressed their desire for this victim to be heard.

Now for the sketchy part:

Democrats complained. Any hearing would have to be preceded by an FBI investigation, they said. That would take weeks. Next Monday was too soon. Grassley, noting that Kavanaugh had already undergone several FBI background checks, said no investigation was necessary; the committee would hear from Ford and Kavanaugh and assess their credibility.

But there was still no word from Ford. Then Tuesday night, Katz and another Ford lawyer, Lisa Banks, took to the media, sending a letter to Grassley that simultaneously appeared as an exclusive on CNN. The letter suggested, but did not say explicitly, that Ford would not testify without an FBI investigation first.

Ford’s life has been “turned upside down” by coming out against Kavanaugh, the lawyers wrote to Grassley. And while that happened, “you and your staff scheduled a public hearing for her to testify at the same table as Judge Kavanaugh in front of two dozen U.S. senators on national television to relive this traumatic and harrowing incident. The hearing was scheduled for six short days from today and would include interrogation by senators who appear to have made up their minds that she is ‘mistaken’ and ‘mixed up.'”

There is little doubt left remaining among the nation’s conservative crowd that this stunt is nothing more than a last ditch effort to have Kavanaugh’s confirmation pushed back until after the midterm elections, when the democrats seem to think that they’ll take back a number of seats in congress.

This stunt, however, may just blow their chances at even a modest showing, as the American people continue to grow wary of the predictable machinations of the radical left.

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